Corporate mismanagement, demanding customers, and tiny skeletons are all in a day’s work at L-mart. 

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Welcome to L-Mart - S1:E1 - "Pilot"
Something's up with the new guy, Vlad.
Welcome to L-Mart - S1:E2 - "The Doll"
A customer returns a possessed doll, and Patience won't stop...

About Welcome to L-Mart

Welcome to L-Mart is a “creature of the week” webseries that follows store employees Nelson (Grant Lewis), Ben (Matt Griffin), and Soup (Erin Gregory) in their seemingly endless days at L-Mart, a surreal store that’s simultaneously monotonous and outlandish. Overlooked and overworked by their corporate overlords, the trio try to make light of the capitalistic hell that is the customer service industry.

Created by: Erin Gregory

Grant Lewis as Nelson
Matt Griffin as Ben
Erin Gregory as Soup
Kyle Deininger as Vlad
Dominique Teoh as Customer #1 (Pilot)
Amy Geist as Customer #2 (Pilot)
Brock Hall as Customer #1 (Ep. 2)
Jordan Moore as Customer #2 (Ep. 2) 
Directors: Erin Gregory
Writer: Erin Gregory
Directors of Photography: Anna Reishus and Maggie Astle
Gaffers: Dominique Teoh and Mark Davis 
Casting Director: Robert Cunningham
Art Crew: Keaton McNamara
Grips: Chris Pow, Dasha Gorin, and Leo Gallagher
Editors: David Chacon and Jesus Campos
Graphic Desinger: Nick Hagar 
Sound Recordists: Rob Mayo
Production Designers: Ivy Gao