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Ladies-man Noah (RJ Cecott) takes charge of the university's notoriously slow and unorganized mail room in order to impress the girl of his dreams, Felicity (Vicky Szuflita), whose desperation to find her lost package leads her to promise a date with Noah if he can find it. Unfortunately, Noah's new position angers many people including Felicity's protective friend, Charles (Christopher Romero), and the old manager of the mail room, Clark (Jared Bohlken). But worst of all, the psychopathic local delivery boy Basil P. Pease (Edward Spelman) takes an instant dislike to Noah, and makes it his goal to ruin Noah and the university as a whole.

The Mail Room was a breakout comedy originally launched in 2012 from the mind of creator/director/writer Christopher Romero. After a brief, but well-received first season, the series was renewed for a full year of seven more episodes. The ambitious second season saw the introduction of additional writers, a musical episode featuring original music, bike chases, and many more plot twists. All ten episodes are now available online to view.
Created by: Christopher Romero
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 10
Original Run: May 14, 2012 - May 27, 2013

RJ Cecott as Noah Parker
- (seasons 1-2, main)
Junius Randolph as Gary
- (season 1, main; season 2, guest star)
Vicky Szuflita as Felicity Graham
- (seasons 1-2, main)
Edward Spelman as Basil P. Pease
- (season 1, recurring; season 2, main)
Christopher Romero as Charles Preston
- (season 2, main)
Jared Bohlken as Clark
- (season 1, recurring; season 2, main)
Lucy Wang as Gwen Reynolds
- (season 2, main)
Head Writer: Christopher Romero

Executive Producers: Christopher Romero, Jared Bohlken
Producer: Liz Moore
Co-Producers: Inhye Lee, Akosua Owusu-Akyaw
Associate Producers: Daniel Jude, Rabail Habib

Directors: Christopher Romero, Tom Mason, Jared Bohlken
Assistant Director: Alison Abrams
Script Supervisor: Carolyn Betts, Angie Ross

Director of Photography: Jared Bohlken
Camera Operator: Grant Vargas
Key Grips: Tom Mason, Akosua Owusu-Akyaw
Set Crew: Alex Baker, Ben Jenkins, Evan Rindler, Anneliese Sloves, Winfield Winter

Gaffer: Grant Vargas
Production Design: Magdalyne Christakis, Emily Northard
Art Crew: Eric Morales, Sanjana Chetia

Editors: Jared Bohlken, Christopher Romero, Tom Mason
Assistant Editors: Carolyn Betts, Katie Fang, Lucy Wang
Colorist: Brad Leyden

Theme Music: Chance Radford, Jared Bohlken
Incidental Music: Jared Bohlken, Charles Mueller
Choreographer: Nicole Williams

Photo Doc: Megan Suckut
Public Relations: Anneliese Sloves, Winfield Winter