Four strangers move in together… and try their best not to kill each other.

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The Kids Are All Wrong - S1:E1 - "Smoke"
Four complete strangers move in together. Ivan and Jacob clash...
The Kids Are All Wrong - S1:E2 - "Happiest"
Ivan fantasizes about having a relationship with each one of...

About The Kids Are All Wrong

The Kids Are All Wrong is a web-based dramedy series, shot in black/white and inspired by movies and shows like Frances Ha, Louie, and New Girl.

Four college students are forced to move in together without knowing each other. Ivan Dietrich is a brooding, self-absorbed writer. Ashley Penzey is indomitably optimistic and possibly crazy. Margot Marseille is morbid, goofy, and blunt. Jacob Smitt is the kind of roommate who leaves the goddamn door open every single time.

The foursome tries to get along with mixed results. Ashley and Margot form a bizarre relationship despite their seemingly opposite personalities. Ivan and Jacob despise each other instantly, finding conflict right away over Ivan’s smoking habit.

Created by: Richie Hoffman

Alex Kohanski as Ivan Dietrich
Chamblee Smith as Ashley Penzey
Daniel Stompor as Jacob Smitt
Tracy Rosenblum as Margot Marseille

Directors: Aimee Hechler and Richie Hoffman
Cinematographer: Aimee Hechler
Production Designer: Javi Chapa
Assistant Camera: Yvonne Zhang
Sound Designer: Jim Alrutz