Two internet ordained ministers – disgraced former preacher Paul (Justin Dresner) and “functional” alcoholic Peter (Chris Reichert) – find themselves battling against ghosts, demons, and the Devil himself in their efforts to prove that everyone was wrong about them all along. Well, maybe half-wrong.

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Saints of Sin - S1:E1 - "Genesis"
Peter and Paul, the Saints of Sin, square off against...

About Saints of Sin

Created by: Chris Reichert


Justin Dresner as Paul Carnacki
Chris Reichert as Peter MacManus
Madelaine Adams as Liz
James Yoon as Matt/Abaddon


Director: Chris Reichert
1st Assistant Director: Matt Griffin
Director of Photography: Paolo Thompson
1st Assistant Camera: Erin Gregory
Gaffer: Emai Cepeda
Key Grip: Thomas Hinds
Editor: Thomas Powers
Composer: Coren Warden
Sound Designer: Hannah Rosenstein

Produced by Cassandra Forte

Written by Chris Reichert