A webseries about a crazy family. The catch? They’re Greek gods.

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Meet the Family - S1:E1 - "Pilot"
A webseries about a crazy family. The catch? They're Greek...

About Meet the Family

Meet the Family is a webseries like any other, but with an important twist- it’s created by a Greek god. Hermes, the messenger god, has accompanied his family down to Earth in order to attempt living among the humans. While Zeus and Hera, the parents, fight over who most belongs, Hermes believes that he is the only one who can truly identify with the human race. So he begins a webseries, where he talks about his life on Earth and his favorite family drama. Through Hermes and his guest appearances, audiences have the chance for an inside look at some of our favorite greek gods- as we meet the family.

Created by: Katherine Foley

Dan Leahy as Hermes
Wren Hagge as Athena
Casey Norlin as Aphrodite

Director: Katherine Foley
1st AD: Gideon Doran
Director of Photography: Ivy Gao
Grip: Shaleila Louis
Editor: Zoe Presman
Sound Designer/Recordist: Azhad Syed
Production Designer: Maggie Astle
Production Assistant: Meghan Gresk

Produced by: Abitha Ramachandran

Written by: Katherine Foley