Two college seniors make begrudging progress on a Twilight-esque screenplay, only to find that their fears of the future are casually slipping into their work.

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Ghouls - E1 - "April"
Jon and Jess need to write a script that a...
Ghouls - E2 - "May"
Jon and Jess reach a turning point for their friendship....
Ghouls - E3 - "June"
As the end nears, Jon and Jess grapple with their...

About Ghouls


Created by: Sam Freedman & Summer Blake


Sam Douglas as Jon
Summer Blake as Jess
Sophie Neff as Kate
Rick Fromm as Desterion
Sean Foer as Sylus
Jessie Pinnick as Winona
Matt Dial as Mark
Kelly Engler as Erica
Matt Ruehlman as Bobby the Waiter
Maddie O’Brien as Penelope
Grace Gabel as Shoshana
Harry Wood as Joe
Lukas Arnold as The Victim
Gabrielle Lott-Rogers as The Dermatologist


Director: Sam Freedman
1st Assistant Director: Isaac Sims
2nd Assistant Director: Madison Ginsberg
Unit Production Managers: Madison Ginsberg, Isabel Robertson
Associate Producers: Sabrina Kinney, Steve Seong, Alex Wolfe, Bonnie Zhang
Production Assistant: Madeleine Kelly
Script Supervisors: Halle Lukasiewicz, Gina Lupica, Sam Shapiro
Director of Photography: Anderson Collins
1st Assistant Camera: Rae Pennington
2nd Assistant Camera: Angel Martinez, Anna Reishus, Eli Sugerman
Gaffer: Jeremy Le
Key Grip: Ryan Alva
Best Boy + Rigging Technician: Russell Ohnemus
Grips: Chris Landy, Angel Martinez, Anna Reishus, Eli Sugerman, Do Hun Yang, Caleb Young
Sound Recordist & Designer: Isabel Robertson
Boom Operator: Ryan Lammers, Do Hun Yang
Production Designer: Troy Lewis
Assistant Production Designer: Orli Spierer
Art Assistant: Jess Zeidman
Costume Designer: Nicole Ramberg
Assistant Costume Designer: Mande Younge
Hair & Makeup Artist: Marin Nass
Blood FX Artist: Matthew Silverman
Casting Director: Shae Spence
Casting Assistants: Sami Rose, Sam Shapiro, Orli Spierer, Andriana Mitrakos
Editor: Gina Lupica
Assistant Editors: Chris Landy, Sami Rose, Jess Zeidman
Composer: Jonathan Bauerfeld
Assistant Composer: Chris Landy
Photo Documentarian: Connie Wang
Graphic Designer: Ryan Lammers
Social Media Guru: Maddie Ball
Social Media Assistant: Jess Zeidman

Produced by Rabail Habib and Sam Spahn
Written by Sam Freedman and Summer Blake
Directed by Sam Freedman