Features editor Nora Monroy sets out to become the next Editor in Chief of a dying school newspaper.
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Editor in Chief - S1:E1 - "Fall (Part 1)"
Features editor Nora Monroy sets out to become the next...
Editor in Chief - S1:E2 - "Fall (Part 2)"
A power failure interrupts operations at The University Daily, hours...
Editor in Chief - S1:E3 - "Winter (Part 1)"
It's Valentine's Day, and Nora finds herself stuck helping Andy...
Editor in Chief - S1:E4 - "Winter (Part 2)"
Fed up with waiting for Andy, Ashley crashes the meeting...
Editor in Chief - S1:E5 - "Spring (Part 1)"
With the end of the year approaching, Andy puts the...
Editor in Chief - S1:E6 - "Spring (Part 2)"
A loose snake, an indecisive Andy, and unexpected guests... the...

About Editor in Chief

Features editor Nora Monroy (Aurora Real de Asua) dreams of becoming the next editor in chief of the University Daily in order to save it from extinction. Unfortunately, the current editor in chief, Andy Gilbert (Daniel Stompor) is priming his favorite editor, Brad Michaels (Harry Wood) to fill his vacancy after graduation. Brad is charismatic, funny, and charming; everything Nora is not. But Nora does have one advantage over him: she is actually good at her job. Editor in Chief is a brand new comedy from the same creative team that brought you the College Emmy-nominated The Mail Room. Season one premiered January 2014 and featured six hilarious episodes. 

Created by: Christopher Romero and Jared Bohlken

Original Run: January 27, 2014 – June 11, 2014 (1 season)

Aurora Real de Asua as Nora Monroy
Harry Wood as Brad Michaels
Daniel Stompor as Andy Gilbert
Garrett Hanson as Isaac Sadowski
Marisa Pelowski as Erin Waters
Ben Bass as Steve Schwartz
Annie Brennen as Kate Nicholson
Edward Spelman as Arthur P. Miller
Jenna Perlstein as Hannah Levin
Rachel Shelton as Ashley Coleman
Matt Carpenter as Roman McButlebee

Executive Producers: Christopher Romero, Jared Bohlken
Producers: Cody Zervas, Maryssa Sklaroff
Associate Producers: Mary Ann Anane, San Lee
Directors: Christopher Romero, Jared Bohlken
Assistant Director: Nastasya Popov
Script Supervisor: Mary Ann Anane, Amanda Skurie
Director of Photography: Jared Bohlken
Sound: Magdalyne Christakis, Emily Northard
Key Grip: Isabel Robertson
Set Crew: Emma Gordon, John Kelley
Gaffer: Grant Vargas
Production and Costume Design: Irene Jiang, Juliette Lam
Editors: Jared Bohlken, Christopher Romero
Theme Music: Jared Bohlken