Three friends embark on a quest to complete a list of debauchery  and adventure before they leave for college.

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Carpe Diem - S1:E1 - "Gubernatori"
High school graduation marks another year of social mediocrity for...
Carpe Diem - S1:E2 - "Deus Ex Machina"
The boys head out for a wild night of partying...
Carpe Diem - S1:E3 - "Bona Fide"
The boys are burning through the summer list, but pressure...
Carpe Diem - S2:E1 - "In Media Res"
After discovering a group of like-minded girls, the boys team...
Carpe Diem - S2:E2 - "Mea Culpa"
Arnold lands a date with Olivia. Jealous, Doug tries to...
Carpe Diem - S2:E3 - "Ad Nauseam"
Spin the bottle - the ultimate adolescent tomfoolery. But also,...
Carpe Diem - S2:E4 - "Ibidem"
When given the chance to relive a party over an...
Carpe Diem - S2:E5 - "Memento Mori"
With the summer coming to the close, the gang finally...

About Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a show about the transition between high school and college. When three best friends realize how much time they have spent studying rather than socializing, they decide it’s time for a change. They make a list of crazy stuff to accomplish while also dealing with the end of their friendship, with becoming independent, and with the expectations of society. It’s My Name is Earl meets American Pie; sleaze the day!

Created by: Jon Rizik

Original Run: May 23, 2013 – June 12, 2014

Leo Zhu as Doug
Alex Zukoff as TJ
Russell Kahn as Arnold
Michael Coe as Winston
Daniel Jude as Franco
Savannah Couch as Olivia
Mark Caswell as Todd

Head Writers: Jon Rizik, Evan Rindler, Daniel Jude

Producer: Grace Hahn
Associate Producers: Megan Connelly
Directors: Jon Rizik, Evan Rindler, Daniel Jude
Assistant Director: Conor Hannon
Script Supervisor: Haley Boston

Director of Photography: Alex Collins
Gaffer: Zach Lorkiewicz
Grips:Liam Klinkenberg, BLake Fromkin, Alison Abrahms, Josh Perry, Andriana Mitrakos

Editors:Winfield Winter, Richard Herndon
Asst. Editors:Ari West, Wonjin Hahn
Sound Design:Jim Alrutz, Winfield Winter, Richard Herndon
Sound Recordist:Jim Alrutz
Boom Operator:Trevor Harty

Production Design:Megan Connelly
Asst. Production Design: Zoe Pressman
Graphic Design & Titles: Zoe Pressman
Public Relations: Jackie Hoffman, Sarah Mustian
Production Assistant: Kristen Amaddio, Alison Abrahms