Perverted memos, dogfights, murder. The harder Cooper fights to preserve his vodka company’s moral integrity, the more criminal activity he uncovers.

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Bread Juice - S1:E1 - "Pilot"
Cooper meets with his senior staff to plan a new...
Bread Juice - S1:E2 - "Watson"
Cooper meets with Watson, the new head of public relations,...
Bread Juice - S1:E3 - "Jackson"
Cooper meets with Jackson, the head of personnel, about Watson....
Bread Juice - S1:E4 - "Hanson"
Cooper meets with Hanson, Damski's Lawyer, about dogfighting.
Bread Juice - S1:E5 - "Thompson"
Cooper meets with Thompson, the head of Accounting.


About Bread Juice

This 5-episode, darkly comedic webseries follows Cooper, a branch manager for a vodka company–Damski. When the new head of public relations circulates an offensive memo and is brought before Cooper for a scolding, he unwittingly sets off a chain reaction that leads Cooper to discover the true inner workings of the company he thinks he runs. As Cooper cycles through confrontations with different employees, trying to neutralize the situation, he only succeeds in spawning bigger problems.

Created by: Dasha Gorin

Brandon Wilson as Cooper
Mari Uchida as Anderson
Omar Gaidarov as Watson
Jordan Moore as Jackson
Daniel Bar-Lavi as Hanson
Justin Dresner as Thompson
Director: Dasha Gorin
Writer: Dasha Gorin
Directors of Photography: Erin Gregory 
Casting Directors: Bill Pahutski and Lauren Crittenden
Boom Ops: Bill Pahutski, Kendyl Thomas and Nisha Bhuva
Sound Recordists: Bill Pahutski, Kendyl Thomas and Nisha Bhuva
2nd Ac: Lauren Crittenden
Script Supervisor: Lauren Crittenden
Editor: Dasha Gorin
Production Assistants: Senay Kargaci and Julian Sanchez