To rescue their crumbling department, four TAs must learn that in the classroom – and in life – everybody needs a little assistance.

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Assistance - S1:E1 - "Pilot"
In order to postpone growing up, Parker goes back to...
Assistance - S1:E2 - "For Our Next Activity"
It's the first day of discussion sections and the teaching...
Assistance - S1:E3 - "Camp Friendship"
The gang sets out to find adventure on the Student-Teaching...
Assistance - S1:E4 - "21"
It's Parker's 21st birthday and the beginning of her adult,...
Assistance - S1:E5 - "Finals"
The gang is all geared up for finals, but a...

About Assistance

Four graduate students – timid T.A. Parker (Alli Shapiro), try-too-hard Glenn (David Brown), apathetic Kat (Lauren Gold), and lovably incomprehensible Sev (Javier Chapa) – must endeavor to educate their unmotivated students in the passably mediocre Zoological Gender Studies Department while a rivaling Department Head (Trevor Harty) attempts to sabotage them at every turn.

To rescue their crumbling department, Parker, Kat, Glenn, and Sev must learn that in the classroom – and in life – everybody needs a little assistance.

Created by: Sarah Hedge and Zoe Pressman

Alli Shapiro as Parker
Lauren Gold as Kat
David Brown as Glenn
Javier Chapa as Severin
Trevor Harty as Department Head
Sam Saulsbury as Wilson
Jordan Scherer as Student 1

Directors: Sarah Hedge & Zoe Pressman
1st ADs: Sarah Hedge & Zoe Pressman
Script Supervisors: Ben Jenkins & Bryan Quandt
Directors of Photography: Sam Spahn, Maggie Mantel, Ezra Wexler & Jared Bohlken
Gaffers: Sean Magner, Richard Herndon & Michael Nowakowski
1st ACs: Maggie Mantel & SangHee Kim
Grips: Jon Palmer & Jamie Lee Cortese
Editors: Winfield Winter, Sam Spahn & Terence Yoon
Composer: Kirk Pearson
Sound Designers: Winfield Winter & Sam Spahn
Sound Recordists: Alex Baker, Daniel Jude, Justin Enoch & Thomas Mason
Boom Operators: Gabi Romagnoli, Alex Baker & Jon Palmer
Production Designers: Sarah Smith & Ethan Senser

Produced by: Matthew Silverman & Ethan Senser

Written by: Sarah Hedge & Zoe Pressman