Tuesday Music Review: Classic jams

Sorry for the break in Tuesday coverage. There have been so many album releases – Florence + the Machine, Snoop Dogg, Brand Flowers – that it’s been hard to give singles any good attention. I’m glad to be back serving you up with the latest hot, hot tracks.

Bad Girls – MKTO

MKTO are the duo behind the breezy pop song “Classic,” which will be a great throwback hit on the airwaves in 20 years, I’m sure. If you didn’t know, half of the group is Malcolm Kelley, otherwise known as Walt from Lost. Bad Girls is another summery jam which sounds like a mixture of Maroon 5 and R. Kelly. Something about horns – bari sax dare I say it? – on the chorus and breakdown just brings me joy. This might be a contender for song of the summer. 

40oz on Repeat – FIDLAR

FIDLAR provides reliable skate punk, complete with catchy hooks and cheer-along-vocals. Their name stands for “Fuck it dog, Life’s a Risk,” so yeah, they’re here to have fun and deal with the consequences later. This song stands out for two reasons: great use of non-rock instruments like flutes and vibraphones in the tender interludes, and their trademark sad lyrics. For a band about having fun, they certainly know how to make songs that deal with denial and loneliness as reasons behind that behavior. This song is about a depressed guy who might want to take FIDLAR to heart and get out of his room. When I hear the song, I wanna headbang. So, yeah, it’s good. 

Smooth Sailin’ – Leon Bridges

Despite having no idea who Leon Bridges is, I’ve been seeing adds for this crooner everywhere. The adds have a retro flair, and when I started listening, honestly it could have been an Al Green or Bill Withers track. The recording techniques are straight out the late sixties. Bridges is the focal point of this smooth (no kiddin) song, but he includes a female chorus, and plenty of chill sax and guitar riffs to back him up. In that regard, there is a bit of George Benson in his approach. The drum track really holds it all together. When his full album comes out, I’ll give it a listen.

Black Magic – Little Mix

Little Mix is an underrated girl group to say the least. Their dynamite cover of “Word Up” continues a great tradition of covering that funky song in varied ways. “Black Magic” takes a page from the Carly Rae Jepsen playbook – make an 80s song and everyone will love it. I’m such a sucker for this kind of music.

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