Tuesday Music Review: Third Eye Blind and Dumb

Snoop Dogg’s Bush is out, The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers is on iTunes Radio streaming, and Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots has leaked, so excuse the short slate of singles this week. I’ve had these albums on heavy rotation. I recommend all of them, especially Twenty One Pilots bravado album. In the meantime, these are some singles to pay attention to. 

The Shade – Metric

Metric has been providing reliable dance rock for 15+ plus years. They’ve never hit it big, but they’re the kind of band you might catch at a festival and this song does nothing to change that reputation. It’s got lead singer Emily Haines’ confident vocals yelling “I want it all!” on the bombastic chorus over some thrumming synths. What else could you want?

Third Eye Blind – Everything is Easy

I’ve been hearing about a ‘new’ Third Eyed Blind album since 2010, so it’s somewhat remarkable that the alt rock heart-bleeders finally got their act together enough to release a new song. Apparently their new album (Dopamine – Jeez, I could have guessed that) comes out in June so I should get up to speed. To get hype, they’ve even covered the song ‘Mine’ by Beyoncé. Now, if you can’t tell I’m not the hugest fan of the band, although I don’t dislike them per se – I just find their image to be laughable and Stephan Jenkins a bit of a prick. There are some things to like in this song (solid bass riff) and some things not too like (“Roll my heart up like a joint”?) so I’ll call it a draw. I’m sure that the diehards will be thrilled and the rest of us will go back to the classics for real angst. 

Great Big Storm – Nate Ruess

With fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff promoting his side act Bleachers, it seems that Nate Ruess has also struck out on his own. While Jack is going for a different sound, this solo stuff seems pretty dang similar to his fun. ouput. It’s bombastic, with thundering drums, a full orchestra and a chorus effects galore. It definitely lives up to it’s title being a ‘great big’ song in itself. I’m not the biggest fan of fun., but I can’t deny that the songs don’t  have swagger. This song does have great production values and with some slightly varied songwriting, I could believe that Nate Ruess makes a worthwhile solo debut. 


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