Tuesday Music Review: Shake, Rattle, Rock

Brandon Flowers put out another song from his upcoming solo piece. I really like his previous release, “Still Want You,” and it has been on repeat ever since. His latest is not as layered as the latter song, but it’s still very enjoyable with an epic ending reminiscent of The Killer’s masterpiece “Good Night, Travel Well.” I’ve also listened to Blur’s “The Magic Whip” which I enjoyed too. If you want to really have fun, listen to “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots. Now that’s a weird, but effective song! Let’s get down to business…

“Paralysed” – A Silent Film


I suspect listening to this song with headphones is the wrong way to experience it. Between the pounding drums, looping synths and haunting chorus, it’s a BIG song. Admittedly, the epic nature is a little forced, but the references are all solid. There’re flavors here of Styx and Pet Shop Boys – two titans of 80’s melodramatic techno ballads. (See “Mr. Roboto” and “It’s a Sin”). It’s a lot of fun. 

“Shake and Tremble” Django Django


Django Django plays on the experimental edge of rock. Interestingly, this song makes great use of traditional effects like reverb, delay, and distortion. The overall effect is an edgy, surf vibe mixed with Django Django’s traditional rhythmic mastery and fearless vocals. The chorus rocks, though the bridge loses a little bit of steam. Personally, I think with that any song that has a chugging piano chord back structure, it’s dangerous to slow down. But it’s by no means a loss and when their new album comes out next week, I’m gonna be listening. 

“Minimal Affection” – The Vaccines


I’d never listened to The Vaccines before, but I’d heard of them, so why not try. They come off like the Strokes, when the Stroke get some of their New Wave-y kicks, ya feel? Definitely the singer of the Vaccines channels Julian Casablancas on the chorus. There is also a healthy amount of Phoenix to be found here – syncopated drums beats, glittery but exacting guitars. From the vaguely Asian string plucks at the opening to the restrained solos, this is a fantastic version of weary, tongue-half-in-cheek alt rock and I love it. 

I’m going to wrap up this week’s talk by mentioning some music I also recommend. Mini Mansions released a sleek, sexy album called The Great Pretenders. Listen to their lead single

target=”_blank”>Vertigo to get a taste. I’ve also started to dive into Alabama Shakes new output and it’s been rewarding. Till next week, y’all! 

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