The Vampire Diaries: “The Downward Spiral” Review

One thing was proven tonight: crazy, no-emotions Caroline is so much cooler than crazy, no-emotions Elena.  She’s badass, hot, and manages to do it all without killing people; at least at first.  Basically this entire episode is about Caroline Forbes, which is a lot better than the typical Elena Gilbert episode.  Caroline starts by running into Liam at a bar, gets herself a nice make out session, and then takes a bite into his neck.  But this is where the story changes a bit from the usual.  Instead of killing the boring side character, as most unemotional vampires tend to do, Caroline stops.  As Bonnie says when they finally find her, it’s like she’s Caroline… but not.

Enzo, meanwhile, is finally enacting his master plan.  He’s got Sarah Salvatore intrigued enough to follow him around, but when he finally tells her that he’s a vampire, she’s unimpressed.  I mean, that would probably be my reaction, but really?  I did like that reference to “those terrible Twilight films,” though. 

Back to Caroline, who has promised not to kill anyone as long as she gets to forget about her emotions and party.  The gang follows her to a rave outside of town, where she really is getting that party on, her hair looking fabulously rave-worthy.  When Elena finds her in the crowd Caroline gives her a red-eyed smirk and fakes a bite into a guy’s neck.  The warning is clear, and frankly very creepy.  Leave her be.

Too bad Stefan doesn’t listen.  He’s sure that he will be her emotional trigger (cocky much?) and just needs to make her listen to him.  So, after a couple of shots, they start talking.  And emoting.  Lots of Sensitive Stefan up in here, especially when he finally tells her how he feels.  Too bad at this point it just pisses her off.  Because now we’ve got Caroline on a rampage (yay!!!).

And man is she evil.  First she compels Liam, then steals Enzo’s phone and calls Sarah.  Then Caroline waits at the Mystic Grill, making margaritas, while a compelled Liam prepares to do surgery on a trapped Sarah.  Stefan and Elena rush to the Grill to stop her, but Caroline’s having none of that.  While Elena heads to the hospital to find Liam and Sarah, Steroline has a very hot fight.  So that lasts for a while.

Damon and Bonnie are in this episode too, by the way.  Along with a nicely scruffy Kai, who is willing to help Damon find information about his mother in return for the chance to apologize to Bonnie.  Too bad Bon Bon’s having none of it.  At first Damon respects her wishes, as a good friend should.  But then of course he ruins everything by tricking her into running into Kai at the rave.  Adios Damon/Bonnie, the fledgling friendship that could’ve been the best on the show.  Actually, Bonnie dramatically ends it with a great moment of badassery, magically showing Damon exactly how much torture Kai put her through.  I mean, I feel bad for him and his poor adorable puppy dog eyes.  But that was pretty cool.

Back to the main storyline.  Elena saves Liam and Sarah just in time, breaking the poor kid’s hands in the process.  But she was too late in one regard – Caroline’s one demand of Stefan, in order to save his relative, was that he turn off his emotions and join her on the dark side.  So as the episode ends, and Elena picks up the phone, she tells him: “don’t you dare tell me you turned it off.”  So he hands the phone to Caroline to do it for him.

Now we’ve got two crazy, attractive vampires on the loose, one super-angry witch, and Kai’s probably going to do something interesting at some point.  The future looks good for The Vampire Diaries – or, well, very very bad.

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