How To Get Away With Murder: Two-Part Finale


Holy. Freaking. Crap.

HTGAWM just keeps pushing us. It’s seriously ridiculous. It’s almost getting to the point where you know something shocking is going to happen…so you anticipate it. HTGAWM capped off it’s incredible first season with a two-episode winter finale that kept the surprises coming. The finale focuses on figuring out who killed Lila. I know what you’re thinking… “Sam killed Lila. We know that.” But guess what? We’re not so sure anymore. Rebecca may have killed her. Wes brings Rebecca to Annalise’s home where the students interrogate her. Annalise, Bonnie, and Frank  also drill her about the night of Lila’s death. But she won’t talk. She is stubborn and mysterious. 

This finale is great because it finally shows us what really happened that night. There are tons of flashbacks to the night of Lila’s murder and every suspect is there: Rebecca, Sam, the football player boyfriend, etc. But you’ll never believe who killed Lila…

But first, where is Nate Lahey? In jail. But Annalise wants him out of there. She never wanted to hurt him. She calls her connection at the jail to get Nate beat up. Annalise hopes that if he gets banged up, he’ll be released and taken to the hospital. Instead, he is put into solitary, which is ten times worse. But because she’s Annalise, she won’t quit. She gets the judge on Nate’s case changed. The new judge is much easier and lets Nate get out on  bail. But he’ll be back, and he needs a lawyer…Wonder who it’ll be.

Everything is explained in this episode. Sam was at Yale that night, but Lila called him in a panic over her pregnancy and he rushed back to find her. Rebecca and Lila were fighting in Rebecca’s apartment because Lila was dealing drugs, but didn’t want to anymore. Rebecca’s neighbor heard them (the one who’s in the mental institute). Lila claimed that she didn’t want to sell the drugs because of her boyfriend and other commitments. Rebecca knows that Griffin is not a good guy and wants Lila to break up with him. So what does she do? She goes to his fraternity party to have sex with him. She texted Lila from his phone so she’d see them in bed together. This obviously made Lila crazy. She ran up to the roof, where Sam came to find her. And Sam did his thing. He told her he loved her and that she was the most important thing in his life. But we know our Sam Keating better than that. 

“That thing we talked about? Get it done.” Sam whispers into a pay phone. 

Jump cut to Lila being strangled by gloved hands. Whose hands? Frank’s.

That’s right. Frank killed Lila. But why did Frank owe this to Sam? What had Sam done for Frank to justify this? This was easily HTGAWM’s biggest shock of the season…until 5 minutes later.

After we find out who killed Lila, we are taken back to the house where the team is still holding Rebecca hostage. But when Annalise goes back to find her, she is gone. “WHO LET HER GO?” she screams. The students are all flustered, because they know they will be caught. Where is Rebecca? Dead. Under the staircase. Frank and Annalise standing over her body. We don’t know who killed her or why, all we know is that she’s dead.

Personally, I cannot wait to see what HTGAWM will bring us next season.

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