The Vampire Diaries Review: “Let Her Go”

Well, tonight sure wasn’t the Elena show. All Elena did in this episode was worry about Caroline and get her neck snapped. At least someone was worried about Caroline, though. Here’s a recap of the characters’ focuses in this episode: Bonnie wanted to get out of Hell (fair enough), Matt decided to get a job, Tyler got drunk, and Stefan wanted to emote about Caroline.

Maybe this is bias, which I admit I have a lot of, but Damon won this episode for sure. He was incredibly sweet to Caroline for the first time probably ever, both in the beginning of the episode and in his eulogy. He’s actually doing better than Stefan, who’s supposed to be the king of helping with grief.

There’s also a nice little Jo and Ric storyline, consisting of Kai showing up at their apartment being all nice because he’s sick and needs help. Jo’s sick too, which she thought was food poisoning, but now thinks it’s because Kai is dying and therefore she and the entire coven will die. Plus Bonnie, apparently, because the prison worlds will collapse if Kai dies. So basically Jo doctors Kai, who’s being super boring, and then ends up giving him her magic so that he won’t die. That’s when he drops the true bomb – Jo’s pregnant. Whoa. Very teenage soap drama. Of course these two aren’t teenagers, and the news comes at a pretty good time: Alaric was already planning to propose. The moment is sweet, despite its lack of importance to the main storyline, and the fact that Jo and Alaric seem to have been dating for about two weeks?

Steroline decide they need to talk about the kiss, despite the fact that Caroline’s mom died and she should probably be focused on that. First, though, Stefan goes to Damon for advice, and Damon points out that if he has to ask, maybe she’s not the one (dammit Damon). Stefan listens to his older brother, but decides that today is not the day to let Caroline down. So he avoids her and makes his (lack of) feelings super obvious instead- as a Salvatore does.

Caroline’s not waiting to talk tomorrow, though. Elena realizes her plan as she goes home alone, saying that all she needed was to get through this one day. That’s right, I should’ve guessed. Caroline is turning her emotions off.

Part of this is fair enough. The girl doesn’t want to feel; her mother just died, she’s heartbroken, and it’s only going to get worse. All of her friends have taken the easy way out, after all. Elena gave away all her memories of Damon when he died. She turned her own emotions off when she lost Jeremy for the fifth or sixth time. Damon has turned them off plenty of times, and Stefan just pretends not to feel while he broods in a corner. Isn’t it Caroline’s turn?

So she breaks Elena’s neck and leaves. Just in time for Stefan, who’s changed his mind about his Caroline feelings, to show up at her house. Ah, the frustration of bad timing.

Worse than the timing, though, is the fact that The Vampire Diaries transferred from a poignant human storyline last week back to a supernatural fix. Normal people can’t just turn off the ability to feel. It’s not the healthy or right way to get through loss. But they do it every time, and now the most mature character is joining the ranks of stubborn avoiders.

Something good did come out of this episode, though. Remember Bonnie? The once lame character who’s become a badass trying to escape from her prison world? She’s out, just in time to make Damon some pancakes.

Cheers to friendship. It was the best aspect of an episode full of worsts.

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