How To Get Away With Murder, “She’s the Murderer”

Woah. That’s honestly all I can say. I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from this week’s episode. The whole Sam Keating thing has been kind of dragged out. But HTGAWM does “dragged out” very well. 

The episode opens up exactly where we left off last week. Rebecca and Wes are watching the news: Sam Keating’s remains were found in the forest. Everyone is FREAKING OUT. And rightfully so. The title begs the question. Will they get away with murder? I’m not so sure. Evidence is coming up left and right! This isn’t as simple as we thought.

Sam’s sister is still in town, unfortunately. You want to feel for this woman, but she’s so terrible. She and Annalise obviously don’t get along, so when the police show up to inform the ladies of Sam’s death, Hannah loses it. “Arrest her, she killed my brother,” she demands. Annalise is stunned. 

So that’s where the episode takes us: an investigation. Maybe we’ll finally get some answers. Annalise is one of the prime suspects in Sam’s murder. Obviously, we know she didn’t do it. But to be honest, she looks guilty to the unknowing eye. She isn’t really grieving over her husband’s sudden death.

She keeps working. Annalise is defending a man who tried to smuggle 300 kilos of heroin into the country. All you really need to know about this case is that she wins. Duh. 

Let’s get back to the juicy stuff – the investigation. Hannah testifies that Annalise and her husband had an abusive relationship and after a heated argument, Annalise claimed that she wanted to kill him. This testimony was enough for the judge to issue a search warrant of Annalise’s home. Luckily, they don’t find anything… but trust me, there’s still a case.

Remember Michaela’s ring? Her beautiful engagement ring that she lost in the forest that night? Well, when the students are gathered at Wes’s apartment awaiting information, Rebecca informs them that the police found a ring in the forest. Michaela is terrified.

But, it’s not her ring. Whose is it? Sam’s. Whose fingerprints are on it? You’ll never believe it. The fingerprints give the police enough evidence to make an arrest. Cue flashback to the night of the murder. Annalise is handing this ring to Frank. Frank goes back to his apartment, where he is wearing gloves (presumably to cover up his tracks). He uses tape to copy a fingerprint from a glass and place it on the ring, obviously framing somebody. And who is it?

Nate Lahey. Annalise’s lover. I know. I couldn’t believe it either. She betrayed him. To save her students and herself. Hannah sees right through this. She calls Annalise a heartless bitch who ruins the lives of everyone around her. And honestly, I’m starting to believe that.

We always knew Annalise was tough, strong, and independent. But I never expected her to be this ruthless. I’m starting to turn on our leading lady. I’m excited to see what the next few weeks brings, but I’m starting to wonder if the show will last.

Once the Sam Keating case is resolved, what will happen? There’s not much plot left to be developed. I have complete faith in Shonda, so I guess we’ll just wait and see.


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