The Vampire Diaries: “The Day I Tried to Live”

Really guys? Really?

Let’s be real here for a second. Maybe some people out there like the supernatural storyline, or are really big Nina Dobrev fans (justified), or just loved the book series. But most of us watch The Vampire Diaries for the hot guys. Maybe it’s a little weird that we’re so into guys who have killed and will kill multiple people/supernatural beings. But they’re all reformed and nice now, so who cares?

Some of them are meant to be villains, though. Love to hate is fine. But giving Kai feelings when someone like Chris Wood is already playing him? Some fangirls (possibly including me) are going to forget that he recently strangled his cabby with a shoelace because it was too difficult getting his wallet out of his jeans.

But enough of that. To be honest, when this episode started I was ready to knock it down. I mean, Jeremy’s going to art school? Kai is suddenly nice? Tyler exists (He’s really annoying me, okay)? But, wow, did it get its shit together. The whole celebrating Bonnie’s birthday thing was stupid, but it got a lot better when Kai showed up and Chris Wood acted his transition flawlessly. He even has the line of the night, lamenting that he’s started feeling those pesky feelings and they’ve affected his tear ducts: “There was water just oozing out of my eyeballs like some alien creature excreting fluids.”

Finally the focus is back on Bonnie, the poor girl, and Kai sends Elena, Damon, and Jeremy back as ghosts to see how she’s doing and try to send her a message. But it turns out their efforts may be in vain, since Bonnie’s decided on that day to honor a pact with Damon – drink the Salvatores’ oldest bourbon and then kill herself. Once again, The Vampire Diaries is tackling a big issue, and I for one was hoping they’d do it right.

Caroline’s also dealing with a lot, so her reaction is to go dig up Bonnie’s bear where she hid him during a fight about ten years ago. Stefan, of course, thinks that’s idiotic, so he grabs a flask and comes with her.

Liv, meanwhile, has decided to kill Kai for merge-murdering her brother. Tyler wants to stop her in order to save her life. Of course he has to do so by yelling a lot, so Liv whispers a spell to knock him out and heads over to the Salvatores.

Elena and Damon have their own struggles, since when Liv arrives she locks them together in a room. This is right after Damon tells Elena that she wouldn’t have chosen him as a human, and therefore for the hundredth time he is not good for her. Whatever.

The real story is Bonnie, as crazy as that sounds. She’s cut herself off and now she’s in the garage with the tailpipe spewing gas, recording her last words on Damon’s video camera. Jeremy has paused the Liv/Kai standoff by throwing a knife into Liv’s shoulder, so he’s been magiced into Bonnie’s world. He pleads for her to save herself as she tells her friends why she can’t do it anymore. Kat Graham is poignant and tear-inducing; it’s possibly the best performance I’ve ever seen from her. Again, The Vampire Diaries did well with a human issue.

And they keep doing well. Caroline found the bear, but we all know that’s not the real issue. So when she accidentally pulls the head off (which was absolutely hilarious, by the way) she laughs for a moment before dissolving into tears. Thankfully Stefan is there, a friend in need like everyone deserves.

Tyler is mad enough at Liv that he breaks up with her finally. Matt and Enzo were also doing things, mostly stalking the poor young Salvatore girl. At least Matt was being cute about it.

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