How To Get Away With Murder: “Best Christmas Ever”

Where to begin? We left on a pretty harsh note last week. Sam’s sister is in town, and she does not look friendly. She’s like another Annalise Keating, really. Ruthless and suspicious. This episode opens on the second semester of Keating’s criminal law class. Everyone has returned from break, and according to Keating, “this semester is going to be even harder.” I can’t wait.

Well, let’s start with this. How was everyone’s break? Laurel’s wasn’t too hot. Her family is very materialistic and doesn’t understand what she is doing with her life. She goes on to tell them bluntly that she is sleeping with two guys, and that her boss’s husband murdered his student. They are stunned. After insulting her parents’ lifestyle, they demand she go back to school. “Merry Christmas” she says. 

Michaela’s wasn’t too good either. Aidan basically dumped her because she is becoming mentally unstable. The murder really got to her and she lost it at a very public event. She embarrassed Aidan in front of colleagues and he decided to postpone the wedding. 

Connor’s was pretty good in comparison. He and Oliver had a really intense kiss and it looks like things are looking up for the two of them. Plus, Connor told his sister that he has a boyfriend. Maybe our wild Connor is finally tamed.

Wes spent the holiday cooped up with Rebecca in his apartment. The two seem happy, but the stress from the past week has definitely taken its toll.

And what did Ms. Keating do? Well, she drank a lot. She ignored a ton of phone calls. She basically spent the holidays completely alone. And who can blame her? Her sister-in-law comes into town while she’s trying to cover up a murder? I would probably go into exile also.

But here’s the most exciting part of this week’s episode: The Case of the Week. That’s right… it’s back! And this week is no let down. A thirty-something-year-old woman comes into Annalise’s office to turn in her “husband.” Her “husband” who kidnapped her fifteen years ago, raped her, and forced her into marriage. And now, he has two young girls in their basement, and he rapes them every night as well. One of the girls is about to deliver his baby. And that’s why this woman came in. She wants the young girl to be able to keep the baby and not have it suffer. The woman who came in claims that she had a child with her kidnapper. However, as the girl grew older, the man looked at her differently. The woman thought her “husband” would try and abuse the girl, so she told him the little girl had died. However, she is hiding her in a cabin upstate. 

All of this is very troubling to the team. They do not understand why they are defending this woman, who also technically kept two young girls captive. She knew about the torment, and didn’t turn her husband in for a very long time. But Annalise claims she too is a victim and that justifies everything she did. She is still suffering from the trauma of being taken from your family, raped, and forced into marriage. 

It is then revealed in court that the woman drugged the two girls so that they wouldn’t remember what he did to them. Annalise and the team are shocked, and she resigns as the woman’s attorney. Annalise has never done that. She’s never let feelings get in the way of her work before (remember her husband who she sold out?). 

Anyways, this week the case is very emotional. It kind of distracts us from everything else that is going on. Not much happens with Sam’s disappearance case this week. Annalise and Sam’s sister even share a nice moment at the end where they put their differences aside and accept that Sam is gone. 

But what is How To Get Away With Murder without a dramatic ending, right? Rebecca is watching television when a news story catches her eye. Yes, it’s what you’re thinking. Sam’s remains have been discovered. Wes watches with her in complete shock. He starts to crumble. What does this hold for our favorite crime-fighting team? Only time will tell.

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