How To Get Away With Murder: “Hello Raskolnikov” Review

Well, it’s what we’ve all been desperately anticipating for two months. HTGAWM is back to finish its first season. And in other exciting news, our favorite badass lawyer has confirmed that the series was picked up for a second season! (I mean duh, it’s Shonda.) So ,we have that to look forward to. But are you curious about the loose ends of the fall finale? Do the kids get away with Sam’s murder? Is Rebecca convicted for the murder of Lila Stanguard? DOES MICHAELA FIND HER RING?! Obviously, the most important question.

Spoilers ahead, because I am about to reveal the juicy details of the winter premier. Just to recap the fall finale a bit… We ended with a dead Mr. Keating. How? Well, the students were at the Keating residence, trying to find evidence that Sam was the one who killed Lila Stanguard, not Rebecca. Once Sam got wind of this, he attacked the students. As they fought back, Sam fell over the staircase and cracked his head open, dying instantly. The kids grabbed the body and brought it to the forest to burn it. We knew most of this before the finale. The real surprise was when we figured out that Wes had been talking to Annalise about what to do with the body. Annalise who just lost her husband.

Open on the winter premier, and the police are interrogating the students and Annalise. They all lie. They’re covering up their tracks. They do not want to confess to the police and claim it was self-defense. During this sequence, we see snippets of Annalise and Wes discussing the accidental murder. Wes is obviously very apologetic, and Annalise forgives him. She knows now that her husband was not a good man.

She doesn’t forget this in the courtroom. She tries ruthlessly to prove that her client, Rebecca, is innocent and did not kill Lila. She blames the murder on her own husband, and proves it. Annalise receives a lot of hate for this. To the public, she has betrayed her own husband just to win a case.

Annalise and the students are good about covering their tracks. The final scene of the premier shows Connor, Michaela, Wes, Laurel, and Annalise meeting in a dark alleyway. Wes already knew that Annalise had a plan in motion. Laurel, Connor, and Michaela were stunned to discover that she knew everything. They become furious with Wes because they are afraid that Annalise will turn them in. And she very well could, which is what keeps this so exciting.

And you know HTGAWM well enough by now to know that the real shocks come in the last minute. The exam. The long awaited, much anticipated, final exam for Professor Keating’s class. The question? Four people walk into a convenient store, and one decides to rob the clerk. Another one ends up shooting the clerk. How do you acquit the suspects? Basically, she asks all of her students to solve Wes, Laurel, Michaela, and Connor’s problem. But wait, there’s more. Connor is giving his statement to the police, and everything seems to be fine. It looks like they’ll get away with it. But a surprise visitor is in town: Sam Keating’s sister. When Annalise hears of this, she looks more worried than she ever has. Uh oh.

Stray Observations:

– Did you know the title is a reference to Crime and Punishment? You probably did, but I thought I’d mention it. Raskolnikov is a notorious murder, so the title references him to allude to the crime

– I did not know this until last week but BONNIE IS FROM GILMORE GIRLS! Guys, she is Paris from Gilmore Girls! It’s so weird. She’s very similar to her character from the early 2000s… rude and blunt. I love it, ah.

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