The Vampire Diaries “I Alone” Review

Well, they’ve finally chosen a big bad guy, and he may be the greatest they’ve ever had. Kai is narcissistic, manipulative, and extremely scary, and yet his quick wit makes him almost endearing. It’s a perfect combo in a murderous villain, and it is beautifully acted by Chris Wood.

So, Season 6 Episode 9 of The Vampire Diaries was all about loss. Damon lost Alaric, Stefan lost Matt, and Liv almost lost her life. Three storylines worked side-by-side this episode, and two of them were pretty good. First we have Damon and Elena, who, with the ascendant that Ric was compelled to steal, travel back in time to find Bonnie. At first it seems like they might have some real success when they page Kai but end up reaching Bon Bon herself on the phone. She even has her first line of the night when Damon warns Kai against hurting her in any way: “That was so sweet. Why’d you have to ruin it by calling me annoying?” Delena tells her they’re waiting in Mystic Falls, and she gets in her hotwired car to meet them. They have seven hours left, and it should take her six and a half. Easy, right?

Next up is Matt and what’s-her-face Salvatore, the baby of the pregnant woman that Damon killed. You would think, hey, this must be the episode where her storyline becomes interesting! Nope. Turns out she’s a con artist, and Stefan compels her to forget who she pretended to be and leave town for good. Of course, this doesn’t work out so well, since Enzo shows up ready to kill to get information. And kill he does, since Stefan remains unwilling to give up his secrets. The entire point of this storyline is to turn Matt against all vampires, and prime him to recruit Jeremy to his big bad Vampire Hunt. Otherwise, it’s a storyline of very little consequence, and ends in the death of a boring character. Next.

In another mini-storyline, Kai is out in the real world and already wreaking havoc. First he hops in a cab, complaining about his too-skinny jeans, and ends the ride by strangling the poor cabbie with his headphones. I’m not sure how realistic that is, but he sure made it look horrifying. Then we have our first face-off when he finds Liv in her bar, amping up the suspense before showing her his ID a few times so that she can realize exactly whom she’s facing. Then with a beautiful line – “Liv. Ironic”- he attacks her. The fight isn’t exactly the most exciting of the series, since the majority of it is moving tables with their minds. At least until Tyler shows up and pushes Kai over the railing. Never has a stalker been so useful. Of course they don’t find a way to bind or kill him right then because how would that add to the story? Instead they run straight to the graveyard and rip Damon and Elena out of the past.

So of course there’s no happy ending here. Not only do Delena NOT get to meet up with Bonnie, Kai finds them soon afterward and smashes the ascendant then burns it with the magic he stole from Liv.

Poor Bonnie shows up at Elena’s past house and loses it, realizing that she’s still alone. I’d never expect to have so much empathy for Bonnie, but I’ve got to give the poor girl MVP of the night. She’s gone through a lot to get here, and still no way out.

Alaric, meanwhile, is pissed that Damon compelled him. He punches his best friend twice, incensed when he finds out that Kai has escaped, and then takes off. Adios to the bromance.

The episode ends when Kai finds himself into Mystic Falls, safe from vampires who can’t cross the border, and makes his way to Tyler’s house to suggest that he make a deal with the devil in order to save Liv’s life. Something tells me the always selfish Tyler may just take this deal.

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