The Vampire Diaries: “Fade Into You” Review

Well, Damon’s definitely back… and better than ever.

In The Vampire Diaries episode 8, “Fade Into You,” the boys go on a trip and the girls (plus Liam, Luke, and Tyler) stayed home for Friendsgiving.

It starts out with the typical teenage drama that will always permeate the lives of vampiric children-who-look-thirty. Stefan wasn’t invited to Friendsgiving because Caroline still hates him. Elena doesn’t know what to tell Liam about her random amazing healing powers. Liv is being mean to Tyler again.

But all this drama pales compared to one beautiful fact: the Dalaric bromance is back on. The matching leather jackets, the merciless teasing of Stefan, and the way Damon throws the word “brother” around when addressing his best friend – it’s all adorable. Stefan must really feel like a third wheel.

Plus Damon has the line of the night early in the episode when he and Ric began teasing his brother about Caroline. Damon, who happens to be holding Bonnie’s teddy bear, affects its voice saying, “I saw love from a mile away and my brain’s made of cotton!” In response to that brilliance, Stefan grabs the bear and dropkicks it. And then out of nowhere a house appears.

Now for the revelations. The house belongs to the leader of the Gemini coven- Jo AND Kai’s father. But that’s not all! Not only are Jo and Kai twins, but they’re not the only ones in their family. That’s right, Liv and Luke are their younger siblings- and they finally have their own storyline! While these discoveries are made at Friendsgiving, Damon has suddenly been kidnapped by Papa Parker, who is not so happy about the possibility of his crazy son getting out into the real world. So what does he do? Set up a spell to kill his daughter Jo, of course.

That’s where the biggest bomb drops, and suddenly everything is happening very fast. Turns out the Gemini Coven breeds twins so that, when they reach age 21, the stronger twin can absorb the other’s magic, thereby killing them. Now we know why Liv looks so angsty all the time. And why Jo is suddenly in major danger.

Damon tries to stop the spell, so naturally the man-witch (warlock?) tries to kill him. Luckily Stefan found the knife that Jo stored her magic in just in time to break the cloaking spell on the house again and save his brother from dying for the fiftieth time.

So… recap… Jo and Kai are twins. Kai wanted to absorb Jo’s magic to become leader of the coven, but since he’s cray Jo stored her magic on a knife. Liv and Luke are their younger siblings, and Kai tried to kill them so they couldn’t become the fused leader. Their father tries to kill Jo, but Elena saves her with vampire blood.

In front of Liam, by the way. Bye bye Liam.

On the other side of reality or whatever, Kai and Bonnie are having their own creepy forced Friendsgiving. Somehow the incredibly terrible situation that Bonnie is in can be tempered by the compellingly brilliant Chris Wood, who simultaneously gives Kai layers and strips them away. I don’t do this often, but I’m going to have to give an actor MVP of the night (can’t give it to Kai because he’s a murderous villain and all). This guy may have created the best villain since Klaus (who we all know is simply misunderstood).

As for the actual storyline, it looks like we finally have an overarching villain. Kai has figured out his own way to do the spell to get home, one that involves absorbing the magic from Jo’s knife, stabbing Bonnie to get her blood, and taking off by himself. There’s finally someone to be afraid of, and frankly I’m excited.

As for the teenage drama portion of the evening, relationships sure are flourishing. Tyler promises Liv he’s going to protect her…by keeping her in his house. And then there’s Elena, basically telling Damon that she’ll get back with him once he brings her best friend back. Caroline and Stefan say a lot of things with their eyes, but at the end they decide to be friends again, which I’m sure will last until the next instance of alcohol or danger.

But hey, there’s a plan and there’s a villain. Finally, we’re on track.

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