FOX Sunday: November 16, 2014


BREAKING NEWS: We’ve had our first change-up in the FOX Sunday night line-up for the season.  FOX announced that starting tonight, Bob’s Burgers will now be airing at 9:30/8:30p CST, switching places with Mulaney, which will now be airing at 7:30/6:30p CST.  This is clearly a promotion for Bob’s Burgers, which will now reach a larger audience since it will officially be back in “primetime” and not get pre-empted by sporting events every other week.  Consequently, this is a clear demotion for Mulaney, which FOX has decided to kill off the remainder of its episodes back in Bob’s Burgers’ previous death slot.  Considering Mulaney has consistently been the lowest rated show of the night and Bob’s Burgers has been the highest, this is very good news to me.  Well done, FOX.  Now, let’s get down to business.  Oh, and by the way, Mulaney did not air tonight due to football, meaning tonight’s score won’t get weighed down by that piece of shit. 

The Simpsons – “Blazed and Confused” (NEW)

Drugs and nudity are the makings of great television.

Drugs and nudity are the makings of great television.

Tonight on The Simpsons, Bart started fourth grade (despite being in fourth grade for the last 25 years) and got off to a rough start with his new teacher voiced by Willem DaFoe.  I guess this was done to write out the character of Edna Krabappel after the death of Marcia Wallace, but what I’m wondering is what their long-term plan will be.  Obviously DaFoe won’t be a regular on the show, so do they plan on introducing a string of new teachers week by week?  I guess only time will tell.  The episode became a parody of the annual Burning Man event held in San Francisco, which a Google search tells me is a retreat that promotes freedom of expression and culminates with the burning of a large wooden man at the end.  After Bart finds out his new teacher is a participant in this retreat, he convinces his whole family to attend so that he can gather dirt and evidence to take him down.  The scenes at the Burning Man event (or Blazing Guy as they called it) were quite fun and I have to say that seeing Marge be fed “special” muffins that gave her hallucinations was quite entertaining, and overall, the episode was above average for what I’ve come to expect from The Simpsons.  A pleasant surprise.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Lockdown” (NEW)

I'm the captain, now!

I’m the captain, now!

After the Captain leaves Peralta in charge of the precinct (which seems to be a common premise on this show), everything that can go wrong does.  A suspicious package that might be anthrax forces the squad to go in lockdown, a fire starts, and Boyle dances to “Single Ladies”, all while Hitchcock is locked out on the balcony.  Oh, and this is all on Thanksgiving, making everyone trapped there even more upset.  Basically, the episode was an opportunity for Peralta to learn how to be a leader, with the help of Santiago, and you can probably guess how it ends.  Given the limitations of scenery, it felt like the bottle episode of the season, which did hurt it a bit.  The episode was still funny, but also largely forgettable, as very few moments stood out as particularly hilarious or inventive.  It was a bit frustrating to see Peralta ignore advice on how to better handle the situation for the entire episode, which felt like a callback to his character in the first season.  But perhaps what felt the weirdest was the exclusion of Eva Longoria’s character from last week.  Last time we saw the two, they had plans to go on another date, but tonight there was no mention of her whatsoever.  Hopefully she returns, because her chemistry with Peralta was great.  Again, this wasn’t the strongest of the season, but a solid installment nonetheless. 

Family Guy – “Turkey Guys” (NEW)

What a surprise... Lois is pissed at Peter.

What a surprise… Lois is pissed at Peter.

Ahh, what can I say about Family Guy?  In so many ways it is such a dumb show that is far past its prime, and yet, it still has its moments of comedy… genius is too generous… perhaps comedy fool’s gold?  They’re stupid jokes, but they still can make you laugh, and tonight was no exception.  In what felt like a typical Family Guy premise, Peter fucked things up when he ate the Thanksgiving turkey the night before Thanksgiving, forcing him and Brian to go out and find another turkey, which is impossible on Thanksgiving day.  They resort to going to a zoo and catching a live turkey, after getting held up at gunpoint forced them to give up the one turkey they found in a store.  Meanwhile, Lois stalls the guests at home, which results in a very disgruntled Cleveland, Quagmire, etc. Chris is forced to step up and be the man of the house which results in a very abrupt and alarming ending to the show.  The last great holiday episode of Family Guy was “Road to the North Pole”, but considering I can’t even remember the last episode set on Thanksgiving, it was a fun holiday treat that’s worth a view if you have a weird sense of humor and want to get in the mood for turkey day.

Bob’s Burgers – “Friends with Burger-fits” (NEW) [New Timeslot]

Bob and Teddy are ready to do some stunts!

Bob and Teddy are ready to do some stunts!

Fresh in its new home after Family Guy, I gotta say the Belchers knocked it out of the park with this one.  The premise alone: Worried that his burgers are slowly killing Teddy’s health, Bob enlists the two of them in stuntman boot camp.  That’s right, stuntman boot camp, meaning rolling down stairs, jumping through windows, and setting themselves on fire, all in the name of health.  Teddy is one of my favorite characters, if not favorite, and seeing the relationship between him and Bob in this episode was touching, as the two discover how deep their friendship goes.  There was also a subplot featuring the kids creating an ice rink in their closet which was kinda forgettable.  But I’d take that subplot any day over anything Mulaney.  God, it feels so good not to have to acknowledge that show exists this week, except that I guess I just did.  Dammit.

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