How To Get Away With Murder: “He Has a Wife” Review

Look, we all love Shonda Rhimes. That’s not up for debate. But sometimes, her shows feel like forced drama. My parents said they stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy after season 5 because it was just too unrealistic. And it seems like HTGAWM is headed down that road just a tad. There comes a point where all the secrets turn to too many secrets. We may have hit that point.

“He Has a Wife” was still a good episode. It was just so much to take in. On the bright (ish) side, we’re back to the regular format for this week. So, Case of the Week?

A woman  is accused of murdering the family nanny. You’d think this case would be a done deal, considering there is a home surveillance video of her dragging the nanny’s dead body outside. But, you know Annalise. She’s always up for a fight. But this week, the glory does not go to her. Instead, Michaela is the shining star of this trial. Because she studied pre-med in her undergraduate career (what a shock), she knows her fair share about medicine and antibiotics. The woman’s son is taking medication for painful urination. He was sleeping with the family nanny and contracted an STD. Michaela, the genius that she is, figures out that the woman’s husband is also taking medication for painful urination. So, he too slept with the nanny. Thus, Annalise accuses him of being upset with the nanny for sleeping with his son. He was jealous and hurt. So he murdered her and made it look like his wife did it. And does Annalise ever lose? No. So naturally, the father is arrested and Annalise puts another win on her record.

But what is going on behind the scenes? One of the most interesting things about this week’s episode is we finally meet Lila Stanguard. Well, we meet her in flashback. But still, it’s pretty cool. Anytime we see her, she is crying over Sam. He has broken up with her. Lila confides in Rebecca. And our last encounter with Lila is when she storms over to Annalise’s home, demanding to speak to her. Bonnie answers the door and tells her to go away. Bonnie longs to protect the Keatings. She had never told Annalise or Sam about this incident because it occurred the same night that Lila went missing. 

Bonnie finally gets up the courage to tell Sam about this. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENS! He kisses her. Literally, what? This is why I think that the drama is getting to be a little too much. This twisted web of romance has got me all confused. 

Bonnie tells Annalise that Sam kissed her, and you’ll never guess how Keating reacts. She fires Bonnie. Personally, I love Bonnie. Yeah, she’s kind of a kiss ass but she still loves her job and Annalise. But that’s where we are left on this whole issue.

You might be wondering how our little Romeo and Juliet are doing. Not Wes and Rebecca… Laurel and Frank. They had a steamy hook up last episode, but we weren’t sure if they were going to last. And towards the beginning of this week’s episode, it’s looking good for them! They’re sneaking around being all cute. But lo and behold, Frank has a girlfriend. A girlfriend who catches Laurel and Frank in the act. Poor Laurel.

Rebecca has been sneaking around working with Nathan (Annalise’s former fling) to solve Lila’s case. Wes is completely against this because he knows that Nathan and Keating had a relationship and doesn’t trust him. Wes does not really trust Annalise anymore either. Even though she is Rebecca’s lawyer, Wes knows that Sam was having an affair with Lila. He believes that Keating will do whatever she can to protect her husband, even if it means throwing Rebecca under the bus.

And Connor? Of course he has a new fling, but it’s nothing serious. Oh Connor.

This week’s episode was overall solid, but you will find that the drama is a little off the charts (not in a good way).


Stray Observations:

– When Sam kisses Bonnie, the shot zooms out to reveal a sign in front of the house that reads “Annalise Keating, Attorney at Law.” This was a clever cinematic technique to juxtapose Bonnie and Sam with Annalise. It reminds the viewers that Sam is cheating on his wife. It also makes the whole kiss seem very wrong and scandalous.

– Bonnie and Annalise had one of the most beautifully intense dialogues I have ever seen. Bonnie is on her knees begging for Annalise’s forgiveness, while Annalise towers over her. They are both in tears and very dramatic. I loved watching this scene because it engaged me with the characters. I really felt for both of them.

– When Annalise confronts Sam about Lila, she gets angry and storms up the stairs. The camera shoots from above, showing a power dynamic between the couple. Sam is lower and weak while Annalise glides tall up the stairs. These are called high-angle shots, and they are used to portray power.

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