How To Get Away With Murder: “He Deserved to Die” Review

Secrets secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone. Certainly Shonda Rhimes understands this age-old mantra. So many secrets were revealed on this week’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder. Luckily, we got more into the Lila Stanguard case this week. (Unfortunately, that means there is no Case of The Week, sorry to disappoint.)

Open scene on a hauntingly beautiful picture. Wes wiping Sam Keating’s blood off of Rebecca. At this point, we know the two will become involved over the course of the series. And although their romance is haunted by murder, they kind of embody the modern day Romeo and Juliet. An innocent-until-proven-guilty dame and a member of her counsel. Should be forbidden, shouldn’t it? But we root for them. I love Wes and Rebecca. I find it beautiful that such a damaged girl, someone who has been through so much, can find comfort and safety with someone. 

Anyways, the Lila Stanguard case. The prosecution has brought up new evidence. Red marks were found on Lila’s neck during her autopsy. However, these marks went unreported because the doctors assumed they were simply birth marks. The prosecution believes, however, that these are finger nail marks – clearly those of a woman. This hurts Rebecca’s case. The prosecution wishes to conduct a second autopsy to gather more information despite Mrs. Stanguard’s plea against it. 

Now, I know what you’ve been wondering these past few weeks. Where is playboy Connor? Has he left us forever? No need to worry, he’s back this week. Bad boy Connor runs into a previous hook up in the courthouse, but forgets his name (classic). And of course, to satisfy the viewers, Connor and this unnamed hottie have a quickie in the bathroom. 

There is no character focus this week, unless you want to count Rebecca. This episode deviated away from its normal structure, which I loved.

Now GUESS WHAT? You’re not even going to believe this happened, but take my word for it… WES AND REBECCA! Yes, they finally got together. Not in the present but in the FLASHBACK!!! After Rebecca gave some information to a reporter despite Wes’s attempts to convince her not to, the two had a steamy kiss in Wes’s apartment. This escalated quickly (if you know what I mean). Now here’s where this episode got really crafty. They cross cut Rebecca and Wes having sex with Lila’s second autopsy. Not going to lie, it was kind of disgusting. If blood grosses you out, I recommend skipping over this scene. But the sex scene focused heavily on Rebecca’s body, mirroring Lila’s autopsy. It was very interesting to watch. 

More secrets, more secrets!!! Frank and Laurel hooked up again. I guess the two just can’t get away from each other. Personally, I am a huge Fraurel fan, so I’m hoping they make it. Again, though, the secret romance theme is prevalent. (No updates on Asher and Bonnie though, even though technically they still haven’t happened in the flashback.)

So you might be curious as to what the doctors found in the autopsy? Well, anti-climactically, the red marks were ant bites. Kind of lame, I know. I was personally hoping for bite marks or something really interesting. And while you may be feeling disappointed, stay with me. The bite marks weren’t anything significant, but the doctors missed something during the first autopsy…

We all remember that Lila was having an affair with none other than Annalise’s husband, Sam (her teacher). And yes, this is gross. It’s wrong. We all know this, but we’ve gotten over it. Until now….

What did the autopsy find? Lila was six weeks pregnant.

End scene on Annalise’s devastated face. 


Stray Observations:

– Annalise Keating was not in as much of this episode as she usually is. We got a little taste of the people around her as opposed to more of her strong female presence. It was refreshing to have her step back from the spotlight.

– We got to learn a lot about Wes’s past. Born in Haiti, he was the only African-American kid in his hometown (in the USA). He says that everyone expected him to be good at basketball, even though he sucked. I love how this show addresses racism and stereotypes, but transposes it seamlessly with the intense plot. It’s a really creative technique and adds a layer of sincerity to the show.

– There seems to be a developing secret romance between Sam Keating and Bonnie. Who knows why? This could be a totally random observation, but I can’t shake the feeling that something will happen for these two very soon.

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