Vampire Diaries: “Black Hole Sun” Review

This episode was full of shockers, flirting, and some pretty nice shows of friendship. The episode opened on Damon and Bonnie discussing their return with newby Kai, which gives me hope that they’ll be getting more screen time. Elena and Stefan were doing something important, but then they gave up. Instead, they decided to go to a restaurant and get fake married so that Stefan could demonstrate his favorite thing to do – pretend to be someone else. The proposal itself was pretty funny, as Stefan enumerated how much Fake Elena had helped him through his addiction and rehab and gambling debts. Of course Elena regretted her fake pregnancy a few minutes later when she wanted to down a beer. The flirting simmered and turned to friendship by the end of the episode, so I forgive them for spending so much time together.

The Damon and Bonnie friendship is getting better and better. Damon’s going all protective older brother on her, warning the flirty Kai to back off and then whipping out the best line of the night when Kai gets angry: “We may be having a bit of a disagreement, but don’t ever lay a hand on her.” Cute, right? This little disagreement of theirs happens to be about whether they should return home (YES!) and risk bringing witchy serial killer Kai with them. Oh yeah, Kai killed his entire coven and is a total psycho. Which makes him about 100x more interesting.

Short aside on Jeremy, the Character No One Cares About. His latest round of drinking brought Alaric to the hospital to hit on the pretty doctor (and, you know, get Jer’s stomach pumped). Ric doesn’t fair so well in a place filled with gushing blood, big surprise there. But he does win MVP of the night for his tirade against the whiny Jeremy a few scenes later. He’s lost his wife, Jenna, Damon, and he wants to eat the girl he likes. His life sucks too, so Jeremy needs to shut up about his problems and get back in shape. I love it.

We also have those flashback scenes, because what is a Vampire Diaries episode without a flashback to Damon in that leather jacket? And we learn about the worst thing he’s ever done, involving killing a group of people including a pregnant woman. What spurred this attack?



Here’s the best part of the episode. The brothers, who have been at odds for years, finally get a spotlight. In the past Stefan hates Damon, telling him that he can never do anything right, that he ruins his life by simply existing. So Damon responds with the killing spree. Stefan’s words, his hatred, are what turn Damon into a monster.

Back to present day and we’ve got something completely different going on. Stefan needs his brother so much he’s starting fights just to feel a different kind of pain. Damon is determined to get back not just for Elena, but for his brother. The feeling of long-distance bromance is beautiful, but it’s not what defines these last scenes. Fed up with Elena’s holier-than-thou advice on grieving, Stefan spills the beans. You erased your memories, sweetheart. That monster the writers have you constantly hating on just to make us sad? That was the love of your life.

Elena ends the episode reading her own letter to herself, courtesy of Ric. In it she suggests leaving the compulsion in place, allowing herself to be happy. And at the end of Season 6 Episode 4, “Black Hole Sun,” Elena decides to stay happy.

Oh, and Enzo’s still alive. Matt’s the first to find him when his crazy hunter friend leads him into a vault and the shocking revelation that vampires are real! Shocking revelation number two? Remember that pregnant woman Damon killed? She had her baby first. And that baby is the same girl running around knowing that she was bitten by a vampire and sleeping with Jeremy. Welcome to The Vampire Diaries, land of convenient plot twists.

Honestly though, why does Damon kill everyone’s mom?

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