How To Get Away With Murder: “Let’s Get to Scooping” Review

Spoilers ahead!

The secrets are getting hotter and hotter by the second in HTGAWM. Each episode is a new case and new drama. We left off with the Lila Stanguard case and Rebecca’s confession to the murder.

Open on episode 4, at the murder of Sam Keating. Michaela is freaking out in the corner and Connor has the eyes of a psychopath. Bludgeoning Sam in the forest, the students are trying to figure out a way to cover their tracks. Rebecca is also present, with Wes, but we do not know why yet.

Keating’s current case is one of insider trading. Her client, Marren Trudeau, is a stockbroker CEO who claims she was hacked by someone outside of her company. However, Keating believes it could be someone on the inside, and has her law students drill the employees. And while most come up with nothing, Connor has a lead. Pax: the trustworthy assistant, the first-hand to Marren. He was probably the person she least expected to betray her. And how does Connor get his information? Sex. What else?

So yes, Connor sleeps with Pax and bugs the room to acquire his evidence. After telling Marren and Annalise, the group confronts Pax at work, making it a very public scene. Marren goes off the rails yelling at her assistant while coworkers look on. And in one of the more saddening plot points of the show, Pax jumps out the window to his death. Connor then spirals into depression throughout the rest of the episode, feeling responsible for Pax’s death. Two of Marren’s other employees are also found guilty of the insider trading she was accused for. Jimmy and Talia are taken by the FBI to be put into federal prison.

Unfortunately, Connor’s methods are getting in the way of his personal life. His current hook up, Oliver, is hurt by his infidelity, even though they never DTR’d (Defined the Relationship). But Connor is starting to develop real feelings for Oliver despite his playboy personality.

In Rebecca’s case, the prosecution has her confession on video, but will not let the defense see it. When Bonnie gets the tape – through some shady blackmail – it reveals that the prosecution pushed Rebecca to confess, even though she was not guilty. The judge agrees with Annalise when this information was presented in court, and Rebecca’s bail is reduced, and she is no longer considered guilty, but merely a suspect.

Wes also gets Rebecca to give him the passcode to Lila’s phone. And he gives it to Annalise. The intensity builds and builds. During the final minutes of the film, Annalise is getting ready for bed. We see this sequence every episode. The make up comes off, the jewelry as well. And this time so does her hair. Annalise Keating wears a wig. Sam walks in. Annalise has been worried about her husband’s involvement with Lila Stanguard and her mysterious death. And the last nine words of the episode are some of the most anxiety-provoking, tension-building, terrifying words…

“Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?”



  • Annalise’s night time routine is symbolic of wiping her façade away. An exterior of female strength, confidence, and power is removed to reveal a delicate, conscious, and sensitive woman.
  • The use of crosscutting is unmatched by any other show. Alternating between the courtroom and the classroom is a genius cinematographic technique that builds intensity while seamlessly combining the show’s two main aspects. Major props to the DP (Director of Photography).
  • The use of shadows in not only this episode, but also the entire series, is incredible. Seriously, be on the look out for shadows EVERYWHERE. They build incredible intensity and make you feel like you’re part of the suspense.
  • This show makes incredible strides in defying stereotypes. It uses many interracial couples, homosexual pornography (kind of), and unconventional language. It challenges its audiences to get into this world, and that’s why it’s so exciting. It’s new and fresh. Very 21st century.

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