Hannibal: “Naka-choko”

Photo courtesy of NBC.

Photo courtesy of NBC.

Spoiled like old lettuce

Whoa. This episode was heavy. I have so many theories about what happened, that I’ll have to take it one step at a time.

1st theory: Jack Crawford is ‘in’ on Will’s plan to lure Hannibal.

Starting on the heels of the previous episode, Will takes Randall and arranges his body in a grotesque creation like we’ve seen other killers do before. There is a huge difference between understanding psychopaths and acting like one. It doesn’t bode very well for Will’s mental state.  The scene arranges Crawford (the angel) on one side and Hannibal (the devil) on the other, as Will discusses the murder he committed. Sadly, their conclusion seems to hint that Will’s arrangement doesn’t honor Randall at all, but celebrates his new found enjoyment for murder. Visual note: Will is given less eye light in this scene than normal, his eyes almost as dark as Hannibal’s are portrayed. Coincidence? I think not! Everything we see leads us to believe that Will has darkened his soul permanently.

But I suggest that Jack Crawford is ‘in’ on the plan to fool Hannibal because otherwise, he is pretty dumb to all the stuff sliding beneath his nose. It also makes Will seem like less of a crazy person. Remember that at one point Jack is destined to fight Hannibal, so he is willing to do some extreme things.

 2nd theory: Mason is going to get attacked by pigs.

Our introduction to Mason Verger was through the wacky but scary performance by Michael Pitt. Mason is still a little undefined – more kooky than creepy – but his human eating pigs have got to be a plot point. With a little foreknowledge that things don’t go too well with Mason in the canon, my guess is that his own creations will come back to hurt him. The real question is who will do cause his injury – Margot, Hannibal,  or Will?

3rd theory: Margot is going to get pregnant.

Not much of a theory because Margot only slept with Will so that she could produce a male heir. However, we did get an awkward virtual threesome that crosses so many weird boundaries. Hannibal loves Will, Will loves Alana, Will hates Hannibal (which is the flip side of love). Alana Bloom is still not given enough to do, but she challenged Hannibal pretty well when she reminded him, “People aren’t musical instruments.” Then, they slept together again. Sigh…

4th theory: Abigail Hobbs isn’t dead.

Arguably the best moment in a momentous episode was the conversation between Freddie and Will about their albatross: Abigail Hobbs. Although Will’s hunt seems to be very personal, ultimately it comes back to Abigail and his quest to honor her death. In addition Freddie has become a much more relatable character due to her devotion to Abigail. Miriam Lass survived for years, so I predict that Abigail comes back in a big way to end the season.

5th theory: Freddie isn’t dead.

If theory 1 is correct, then this is too. Jack wouldn’t let Will murder Freddie. Perhaps she’s in witness protection rather than being cooked and eaten. Still, Will did serve Hannibal some “long pig,” which my guess consisted of choice parts of Randall rather than the redheaded reporter. We hope that this theory is true so that Will isn’t that much crazier, but either way he is a cannibal now. Oops.




Theremin finally!

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