American Horror Story: “The Replacements”

Photo courtesy of FX.

Photo courtesy of FX.

Well, it appears as if the fears expressed in last week’s review of American Horror Story: Coven regarding the cohesiveness of the show’s narrative have been somewhat quelled. In this week’s installment, “The Replacements,” the collage of storylines have finally begun to converge.

Without further ado, the episode breakdown (spoilers ahead):

  • The episode revolves primarily around Fiona and the next-generation supreme witch. In a, perhaps, unexpected twist, it is revealed that Madison is set to become the next supreme. This discovery “pokes the bear” in terms of Fiona’s vain quest for eternal youth; a flashback to a young Fiona lays clear that as a new supreme begins to bud, the old supreme’s health begins to fail. Perhaps as a karmatic effect of young Fiona prematurely becoming the supreme witch when she slit the throat of her predecessor, old Fiona learns she is dying of cancer just as Madison begins to exhibit additional powers. In an act of anger and frustration over the inevitability of death and powerlessness, Fiona abruptly kills Madison. Woah, didn’t see that coming.
  • Meanwhile, Zoe resolves to return Franken-Kyle to his mother after visiting the suicidal woman to offer her condolences. A lonely Misty is very reluctant in turning Franken-Kyle over to Zoe after attending to his “surgical” scars for the past week or so, but she does, and Franken-Kyle is whisked away to his own house of horrors: in a scene before Franken-Kyle beats his mother’s head in with a lamp, she climbs into bed with him, kissing him tenderly as she begins to give him an incestuous handjob. Gross, didn’t see that coming.
  • Delphine is forced by Fiona to be the school’s maid, and after refusing to serve Queenie based on her skin color, is assigned to be her personal slave. One evening, while Queenie makes Delphine cook food for her, the minotaur appears to kill the torturous woman. Queenie saves the day by fingering herself before the creature; the beast is aroused and promptly takes her from behind. What, didn’t see that coming.
  • And lastly, Cordelia visits Marie in a last-ditch effort to fix her infertility with black magic. Marie merely laughs, refusing to help her. After all, why would she help the daughter of her sworn enemy? Meh, kinda saw that coming.

Overall, “The Replacements” is a whirlwind of an episode, and the twists and turns within will undoubtedly bear significant weight on Coven‘s trajectory. After regaining its footing from its previous episode, Coven promises much more horror to come. Tune in to FX on Wednesday, October 30 at 10/9c for the next episode of American Horror Story: Coven, “Fearful Pranks Ensue.”

An analysis of the cinematography of American Horror Story will take the usual place of next week’s review.

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