Suits: Stay

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

This week’s summer finale of Suits, “Stay,” was definitely my favorite of the season. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the plot lines. This was the first time I really liked the Mike/Rachel plot line because their problems finally had weight and felt real. Moreover, I liked Rachel’s strength against Jessica to waive the Harvard rule. Also, I didn’t see Sheila’s return coming at all (I’d honestly forgotten about her), but seeing Louis come back from his lack of experience with women and romance was so gratifying after a season of people letting him down. I also liked the fallout and resolution of Ava’s lawsuit against Pearson Darby Specter – I loved that Sheila also expressed confusion over the firm’s name. I definitely expected Ava to show her respect for Harvey and place her anger where it belongs. Overall, I really enjoyed how this episode played out from start to finish.

My one issue with this finale was the fact that at the end of the episode it felt too resolved and happy. Also, Mike being a fraud as a threat to his career feels stale – when they were counterfeiting his Harvard diploma, wouldn’t they have thought to make him a file?  

A character return that was shocking and just felt unnecessary was Tanner’s appearance as Ava’s attorney in her lawsuit against Pearson Darby Specter. This whole season we dealt with Harvey’s history with Cameron Dennis; it was unnecessary to pit him against another lawyer who wants his head on the chopping block.

I also really enjoyed Harvey’s character development during this episode and how Mike’s franticness affected him and Scottie, who has been an integral part of this season. Speaking of Scottie, the dress that she was wearing at the beginning of the episode was definitely way too low-cut to be worn at a real firm; my sister would definitely have a meeting at HR if she ever wore that to work! Also, in this episode everyone wore such neutral colors (black, gray, white, beige), except the red that Jessica wore to Harvey’s deposition. This was not at all shocking to me though because all of their sets are so extravagantly decorated.

Another thing that caught my eye this episode that made me embarrassed to watch Suits was all the shots of characters just giving each other “meaningful” looks. Most of these looks are somewhat tacky and make me feel like I am watching a really good soap opera, rather than giving me more character response/insight.

Overall, this summer season was pretty solid with a strong overarching plot of the Ava Hessinton case and the merger. The characters are back to trusting each other, moving past the previous theme of betrayal. However, I think Louis had the line of the season – “Life is high school,” which was definitely shown throughout this season and even in this episode. While I am not dying to see the winter season due to a major cliffhanger, I am excited for the winter season because I really enjoy the quality and consistency of Suits.

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