The 4 Reasons Why You Should See Metallica: Through the Never

Photo courtesy of Picturehouse.

Photo courtesy of Picturehouse.

I recently got a chance to check out the new movie Metallica: Through the Never. I came in expecting a pretty cool concert movie headlined by one of my all-time favorite bands. What I got was actually a lot better than that. The film is actually a 3D abstract and somewhat experimental narrative film that happens to be starring the music of Metallica as well as Dane DeHaan. Interesting right? For a Metallica fan, this makes for an awesome movie going experience. In honor of the 4 metal gods, I have outlined the top 4 main reasons why you should see this movie when it hits theaters on October 4th.

#4 Dane DeHaan – This kid is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the film geek world. Coming off of the found footage super hero movie Chronicle as well as dramas Lawless and The Place Beyond the Pines, Dane DeHaan takes on a very new role with this movie right before he hits the mainstream next year in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. DeHaan plays a roadie for Metallica who is sent on an important mission to retrieve a mystery item during one of the band’s big concerts. Serving as a vessel for the audience in many ways, DeHaan has barely any dialogue throughout the entire film. Starting as a bright-eyed fan, his character is plunged into a dark and surreal world as the themes of Metallica’s music come to life around him as the band’s performance progresses. He’s a ton of fun to watch and therefore reason number 4 to see this movie.

#3 The 3DMetallica: Through the Never will be released nationwide in Digital 3D as well as IMAX 3D. These are the definitive ways to see the film, no question! From the very first shot I knew I was in for something special. The movie opens with a sweeping city helicopter shot. The 3D makes the buildings come to life. This trend keeps up throughout the entire movie and hits with full force when Metallica takes the stage. You’ll feel closer to the band than you ever have before. The sweat coming off of Lars’ head as he drums. The insanely fast moving pick in Kirk’s hand. It all makes you feel like you’re on stage with them. Additionally, the arms and hands from fans in the crowd popping up in 3D at the bottom of the screen make you feel like you are actually watching an event, not just a movie.

#2 Metallica – As much as Dane DeHaan entertains, Metallica and their music is definitely the star of the film. The soundtrack is a phenomenal greatest hits compilation that ranges from the new stuff all the way back to the days of “Kill ‘Em All”. Almost guaranteed that your favorite Metallica song is in this movie. In addition to picking the right songs to play, Metallica’s performance is flawless. Their energy never dies. Every drum fill, every guitar solo, and every bass lick are right on point. This aging band still has all of the fire they had back on “Master of Puppets”. Whether you have never seen them live, or if you have seen them 10 times, you’re going to want to see this.

#1 The Sound – The sound team behind this movie has a combined total of 18 Academy Awards under their belts. Boy does it show. The sound design and mixing in this movie is absolutely jaw dropping. When Metallica took the stage I actually felt the pound of the bass in my seat as if I was at a real concert. It’s big, it’s loud, and it surrounds you. If you get the chance, IMAX is the way to experience this event, but even in a conventional theatre I was blown away. If for no other reason, see this movie just to experience the leap forward it brings in cinematic sound.

Metallica: Through the Never hits IMAX theatres on September 27th and conventional theatres a week later on October 4th. Metallica fans or sound design aficionados owe it to themselves to see this one. If you never have gotten into the music of Metallica, this is a great place to start! For a look at some other great fall releases coming up, checking out my season movie guide here on Nu Channel 1!

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