Dexter Recap: ‘Monkey in a Box’

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

The penultimate episode of the series ended with two officers down, which left me sitting on the edge of my lofted dorm bed (risky? maybe) in anticipation for next week’s finale.

We start the episode just moments after Saxton sliced through Vogel’s throat. Dexter is holding her body and voices that this is not the first time he has sat in his mother’s blood. A dejected Dexter decides to call this murder in, but first he must remove all traces of his relation with Vogel – meaning pictures, recordings and files on Dexter were erased. Batista excuses him from the case and throws a going away party for Dexter. Was it just me or was Dex fighting back tears when he was saying goodbye to Miami Metro?

All Dexter wants is for Saxton to be “taken care of,” no matter how it is done. Therefore, he enlists in Miami Metro’s help to catch Saxton. When Oliver, channeling the grieving boyfriend, walks into the department to clear his name of Cassie’s murder, he foolishly agrees to do a cheek swab. Unbeknownst to him, his DNA will come up as a familial match to the dearly departed Dr. Vogel, which will definitely spark some criminal curiosity.

On top of chasing Saxton, Dexter must figure out his move to Argentina. He needs to sell his apartment and boat so he can leave with Hannah. During the scene when Dexter met with the potential buyer of the Slice of Life, I couldn’t help but notice that the man was wearing a Hawaiian shirt from Costco that my brother wore to Electric Forest. Anyway, he must sell quickly because both the Marshall and Elway are onto to Hannah. After the incident with Hannah giving Deb’s name at the hospital to treat Harrison, the Marshall starts to follow Deb, believing that she’s hiding Hannah. Dexter wants Hannah to get out of the country immediately so Deb drops her off at the airport, not knowing that Elway has been trailing them. As a nod to longtime fans, season three’s Miguel Prado’s wife is the realtor listing his house. She finds someone who is willing to buy the apartment right away, with cash…that can’t be good! Turns out it is Saxton (obviously). They talk and Saxton proposes a truce stating, “Go on with your life or come after me, but choose poorly — like mom — and you will lose.” Although Dexter shakes on it, he anonymously releases the videos of Saxton killing his victims to the public. Suddenly Saxton becomes Miami’s most wanted. Harry wonders why he is working with the police and Dexter says that it’s a ploy to lure Saxton to him. Now Saxton will have no choice but to face Dexter. Harry notices that Dexter is different. He is working with the police, falling in love and his kills have become personal. Dexter thinks to himself, “maybe I’m not the old Dexter.”

Deb goes over to Dexter’s place for one last steak dinner. Dexter tries to convince her to leave because he’s “expecting company,” aka Saxton. Deb urges Dexter to let her help and the killer showdown begins. Saxton sneaks in to Dexter’s bedroom while he’s “sleeping” and Dexter jumps out from under the covers and stabs him with the tranquilizer. Saxton wakes up tied down to a chair in his very own kill room. However, at the last second, Dexter decides that he does not need to kill Saxton. He no longer feels the urge to kill. Harry appears and realizes that Dexter doesn’t need him anymore. I guess it just takes the love of a good (serial killer) woman to defeat the dark passenger. Harry disappears (for good?) and Dexter calls Deb to make the arrest. This goes tragically awry when the Marshall, who has been following Deb, barges into to the room and releases Saxton, even though his face has been plastered all over the news. He unties Saxton only to be stabbed to death in the chest. RIP Marshall. Saxton steals the Marshall’s gun and shoots Deb in the gut right as she runs in. Deb falls to the ground while sending some bullets Saxton’s way. Saxton escapes and a very wounded Deb calls 911 requesting assistance.

As we fade to black, Deb is lying in a pool of blood, Elway is trying to catch Hannah at the airport and Dexter is happily leading Harrison out the door with two bags and a one-way ticket to Argentina. I’m predicting Dexter won’t be boarding that plane in next week’s series finale!

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