Dexter: Goodbye Miami

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

After a one-week hiatus, Dexter returned to Showtime for its tenth episode and still maintained its unusual slow pace (well until the last 5 minutes, but more on that later). In “Goodbye Miami,” Dexter continued his hunt for Daniel/Oliver/Saxton/Brain Surgeon so he could kill him and finally move to Argentina for a fresh start with Hannah and Harrison. I’ll break down episode ten by ranking the top ten moments from tonight.

10. Vogel tries to mend her relationship with Daniel

The episode begins with Vogel and Daniel having breakfast together. She wants to be a mother to him again. She insists on getting him help and placing him in a top psychiatric facility. He tells her he never wants to be locked up again. He describes his hospitalization as torture. Daniel takes Vogel to a rundown mental hospital and shows her his kill room and makes her sit in the restraint chair that he kills his victims on. He’s incredibly bitter about his upbringing, for being sent away and for feeling ignored as a child. He always felt that Vogel cared about his brother Richard more than him. She even cared about Dexter more than him. But he’s offering Vogel a second-chance – to choose the right son. First he asks her to get Dexter off his back. Then he proposes that she teach him how to maintain his psychopathically homicidal life, like she did for Dexter. She agrees and they embrace in what might be the creepiest hug ever.

9. Dexter gives Batista his two-week notice

After telling Deb about his plans to leave Miami (much to her opposition), he tells Batista that he’s resigning so he could travel with Harrison and take a break from all this death around him (oh the irony). Batista is totally okay with it and even agrees to rehire Dexter if he ever decides to return to work. Batista shows his appreciation for Dexter by giving him a very awkward bro hug. The deputy marshal investigating Hannah overhears Batista discussing a forensic job opening, which prompts him to believe that Dexter’s departure is related to Hannah McKay’s reappearance in Miami.

8. Deb officially re-accepts her job at Miami Metro

Deb leaves her PI job at Elway’s. Batista is super excited to give Deb her badge back because according to him, she is always welcome. Is it just me or does it seem that Miami Metro has the best job security in the country?

7. Dexter finds video of Daniel’s kills

Dexter begins looking into Daniel and finds out all the people he has killed over the years and across the continents. Dexter wonders if Daniel is the perfect psychopath that he once was. He also hacks into Vogel’s computer and finds video of Daniel killing Zach Hamilton. We see the Zach screaming on the restraint chair when suddenly the back of his head is sawed off. Blood then splatters on the camera. DISGUSTING. Dexter shows the video to Vogel to prove to her that Daniel won’t change and cannot be helped. She is horrified at what she sees and decides that it is best for Dexter to kill Daniel.

6. Harry pressures Dexter to make a choice

Dexter is dressed in his kill clothes and all ready to go after Daniel, who Vogel lured to her home. There is a brief moment where Dexter worries about leaving Hannah behind, in fear that the deputy will find her. Harry’s ghost yells at Dexter for trying to balance his love life with his serial killer life. Dexter looks back to the house, but just for a second (maybe a second too long), and then pushes onward.

5. Nikki shows up to work high 

No explanation necessary. Masuka lectures her to stop smoking pot. 

4. Quinn breaks up with Jaime

Jaime gets a job interview in Atlanta but decides not to go because she doesn’t want to leave her life with Quinn in Miami. Quinn realizes that it is not working out between two of them. He can’t see himself marrying Jaime. She blames the break up on Deb and then storms out of the apartment.

3. Harrison cuts his chin and Hannah risks her safety by bringing him to the hospital

Harrison is playing on Deb’s treadmill when he slips and cuts his chin open. He is home alone with Hannah. The bleeding won’t stop so Hannah brings him to the hospital. The receptionist recognizes Hannah and contacts the police. The deputy shows up after Hannah and a stitched-up Harrison had already left. Phew.

2. Deb and Quinn admit they have feelings for each other

Quinn confesses that he still has feelings for Deb, but he tells her that he is not expecting those feelings to be returned. He’s wrong, however. Deb says that she still has feelings for him too. They rekindle their romance in the sweetest and most PERFECT KISS EVER.

1. Daniel murders Vogel in front of Dexter.

Dexter rushes up to Vogel’s house to catch Daniel. Before entering, Dexter gets a phone call. Daniel tells him to look up and we see him holding a knife to Vogel’s throat through the window. Daniel declares that Vogel chose the wrong son and then murderously slices across her neck. She drops to the ground. Daniel escapes and Dexter runs in. He holds Vogel’s bloody body as she dies. RIP VOGEL.

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