Suits: She’s Mine

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

While I have been satisfied with this season of Suits so far, I feel like most episodes have underwhelmed me until we arrive at the twist, which is usually at the end. While this method of writing attracts viewers to tune in next week, it is frustrating for me to watch half of the episode because I know a bomb is going to come, but I will have to wait for it. This week’s episode, “She’s Mine,” made me feel this way. Don’t get me wrong; the mock trial for ownership of Nigel’s cat was perfect comic relief and showed Louis’ devotion to the associates, but the whole episode I was waiting for Stephen to get what he deserved for screwing up the Hessington case.

Furthermore, I didn’t feel like this episode had much of a unifying theme, like episodes in the past. This was an episode that seemed to set up for the trial, showing that no one at Hessington Oil knew about the murders beforehand and revealing at the end that Stephen arranged the murders through his connection with the Colonel. This revelation resulted in Harvey beating the crap out of Stephen, which was a rewarding moment. This episode also dealt with the consequences of Harvey telling Jessica about his former deal with Darby. After Jessica’s conversation with Darby, I wonder if Pearson Darby Specter will remain the name of the firm for very long. Moreover, I am shocked that Jessica seemed to have forgiven Harvey so quickly after Harvey’s reaction to Mike’s betrayal at the beginning of the season. However, I wonder if Harvey’s comment that he just put her in touch with the feelings that she already had is the reason for this sudden forgiveness.

Overall, I feel like this episode was not terrible; just underwhelming compared to the previous week’s preview, which makes me concerned because I am extremely excited about next week’s episode. However, next week’s episode will be the trial, which should not disappoint from Suits’ previous trials, especially mock trials.

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