Dexter: Make Your Own Kind of Music

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

Last week’s episode was called “Are We There Yet,” an obvious nod to the less than thrilling pace of this season. But ladies and gentleman I think we’ve finally arrived!! And the destination…Argentina?

Yep, Dex claims he is going to run off with Harrison and Hannah to Argentina. Dexter wants to start a new life with Hannah. He loves her. DEXTER SAID “I LOVE YOU” (Pardon me as I squeal like a preteen at a One Direction concert). Harrison loves her too. He wants Hannah to be his Mommy. Adorable. But before they can leave Miami, they need to ditch the deputy U.S. Marshal who’s tracking Hannah. To keep Hannah on the DL for a while, Dexter suggests she stay with Deb. And even though Deb got her detective badge back, she lets a wanted fugitive stay with her and cook for her. Then we get the best line of the night by Deb: “My brother’s a serial killer and I have another one hiding out at my house eating salad.”

Although Dexter just wants to spend all his time butt nekkid with Hannah, he has a killer to catch. When Zach showed up dead with half his brain cut out last week, Dexter realizes the real Brain Surgeon is still out there. He and Vogel search Zach’s place for clues and they find a piece of bloody hair stuck under the table. Dexter runs the evidence for DNA and sees that there is a familial match to none other than Dr. Evelyn Vogel. Therefore, the Brain Surgeon is related to Dr. Vogel. Apparently Vogel had two sons but one was murdered by her highly intelligent psychopathic son, Daniel. She tried to help him but failed and was forced to send him to a mental institution in England. However, there was a fire in his psychiatric ward and his body was burnt beyond recognition. Turns out he’s alllliiiiiiiveeeee. Dexter uses aging software to see what Vogel’s child would like now. Add some facial hair and sure enough, he resembles Cassie’s boyfriend Oliver who has been playing the whole I’msodistraughtthatmygirlfriendofonlytwoweekswasmurdered card. So Dexter gets some of Oliver’s DNA and it’s a match!

Dexter and Vogel get into a little tiff. She realizes that Dexter is not a perfect psychopath anymore because he has “a depth of emotion [she] never thought possible.” She warns him that living a double life is dangerous. Dexter doesn’t like listening to Vogel. She asks him not to kill her son, but Dexter goes after Oliver anyway. He drugs Vogel with some of Hannah’s sleepy potion and stalks Oliver at a diner…in broad daylight just staring through the window in a bright turquoise shirt. Real smart Dex. Clearly Oliver spotted Dexter and was able to get away…

…to Vogel’s place. At the end of the episode, we discover, not-so-surprisingly, that Vogel welcomed Oliver into her home and made crumpets and tea for him!

Oh also Quinn kissed Deb (cue more squealing, but this time like a twenty-something watching NSYNC reunite at the VMAs).

Three episodes left. How will it all end?!? Hopefully not with Dexter, Harrison, and Hannah riding off into the sunset together to Argentina.

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