Suits: The Other Time

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

I found this week’s episode of Suits, “The Other Time,” a bit underwhelming. As I said in last week’s review, I was extremely excited to go back in time, but I felt like for the most part, the flashbacks, which looked like they went through Instagram filters, confirmed things about the characters that I had already assumed. For example, we already knew that Cameron Dennis was a dirty lawyer, a fact that Harvey struggled with, and that Jessica helped Harvey get out of there. However, I did enjoy the parallels between the flashbacks and the present and the small tidbits that were completely new information. This episode focused on reoccurring events, making the episode’s theme Donna’s advice to Harvey: “If you do this, you’re going to keep doing it.”

The main parallel between the flashback and the present is that in the flashback, Jessica and Daniel Hardman were taking down the name partners in a way similar to Harvey’s plan to take down Jessica. When Jessica tells Harvey her plan and that they aren’t going to tell the name partners that they are coming for them, I could see past Jessica in Harvey’s current plans. Moreover, in the flashback, when Harvey told Jessica that he was considering staying at the District Attorney’s office, her response (if you want to keep someone in your house, offer them a better room) made me question why she made Harvey a name partner, in the present. Sometimes, especially recently, I forget how similar Jessica and Harvey are and that Jessica really was Harvey’s mentor, a fact that was emphasized at the beginning at the show, before they stopped trusting each other. That relationship is going to be buried even deeper, now that Harvey told Jessica about his deal with Darby, revealing his betrayal, even though he doesn’t want to go through with the deal anymore.

The return of Mike’s ex-best friend, Trevor, was not a disappointment because he did not fail being Mike’s anchor. I was shocked to find out that Mike had gotten into Harvard, via a transfer, and that Trevor’s antics had gotten Mike expelled from college and then his offer to Harvard rescinded. Those flashbacks confirmed that the forced absence of Trevor from Mike’s life is a blessing. Moreover, Trevor’s comments about Mike leaving to go to Harvard, made Mike’s apprehension about Rachel potentially going to Stanford make more sense.

Another bombshell was that Harvey and Donna did hook up before working at Pearson Hardman, which makes the awkward tension between Harvey, Donna and Stephen make a lot more sense; there are a lot of deep feelings between Harvey and Donna because they both share a lot of the same values and Donna will always keep Harvey in check. However, that drama is about to get even worse because Stephen led Cameron to a key witness in Ava’s case – the colonel she bribed.

Just from the final act of this episode, I can already predict next week’s theme: betrayal. Even though that is an old theme for this season, Harvey and Stephen’s betrayals are so large that the whole dynamic at Pearson Darby Specter will have to change. On that note, this episode reminded me about how things were and how much things have changed and how much they will change. However, some people, like Cameron, just don’t change.

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