Suits: Shadow of a Doubt

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

This week’s episode of Suits, “Shadow of a Doubt,” was not as exciting as last week’s episode, “Conflict of Interest;” however, I did find this episode to be a lot of fun with Mike and Rachel tackling a case together, Donna and Stephen’s relationship, Harvey and Jessica working together on Ava’s case, and the return of Louis and Nigel’s rivalry. Also, I enjoyed the change of theme, which moved to keeping secrets and consequences of telling someone the truth later.

Every week this show has a character do something behind another character’s back, such as Louis’ actions getting Ava voted out last week, and the list goes on and on. This week, Rachel struggled with taking Mike to her parents’ house for dinner because she was worried that they would find out his secret; instead, Mike found out her secret – she applied to Stanford. I had been waiting for a twist like this because their relationship was going too well. The fact that Rachel wants to go to Stanford and that she’ll probably get in should pay off later this season when she has to decide whether to choose her future or Mike.

Donna’s secret that she’s sleeping with Stephen made me question Donna and Harvey’s relationship because she was so nervous to tell him. Every now and then, I wonder if their relationship is more than professional and being good friends, such as when Harvey had to fight to bring Donna back last season. However, I am hopeful that Donna and Stephen will continue because they both seem to like each other, more than just physically.

However, the big secret of the season is Harvey and Darby’s deal that will make Harvey managing partner, which is contingent on the outcome of Ava’s case. That’s why it was ironic and somewhat sad that Jessica helped Harvey with the case. As much as it was nice to see them work together again, this betrayal is feeling worse and worse; when Jessica made Harvey a naming partner, changing the name of the firm to Pearson Darby Specter, Harvey’s face made me suspicious that he may back out of his deal. Jessica saved him from Cameron Dennis, years ago, and his betrayal of Jessica is like Mike doing the same thing to Harvey. The fact that Cameron also told Harvey that he wasn’t backing down from the case made me happy because I want Harvey to have to ponder this move for as long as possible; it was a rash move when he made the deal and Jessica has been trying to make up for her past mistakes. She even admitted to Harvey that she understands how Harvey felt (as her number two) because Darby is treating her the same way. I am excited that next week they are going ten years back because hopefully that will solidify the opinion that Harvey should not go through with the deal to get rid of Jessica because the episode will show how she helped him.

Overall, this episode was lively and fun, especially seeing Louis’ love of Nigel’s cat. Moreover, it served as a good platform to air some of the characters’ secrets and move them forward. As I mentioned before, next week they are going back ten years, which I am very excited for because that also means that we should see the return of characters, such as Mike’s ex-best friend, Trevor, and Jenny. I haven’t really missed either character, but Mike has changed so much during his time at Pearson Darby Specter that it’ll be fun to see his past.

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