Dexter: A Little Reflection

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

Half way through the season and I’m questioning whether the writers ever did a little reflecting on their work. Because if they did, they certainly would have realized that this final season is a Miguel Prado compared to a Trinity Killer. The stakes are about as bland as the steak that Dexter tried to cook up for him and Deb last night. I think Dex described watching this episode perfectly when he took a bite of the steak and said, “it’s tough.” There was just a lot of awkwardness… so now let’s sum up the events of episode six in 7 awkward moments.

1. Masuka’s money isn’t everything: After doing some spying on Nikki, Masuka finds out that she’s in a lot of debt. As a result, Masuka hands her a check for $5,000, but tells her that he can only afford to give her that much money. Nikki gets upset that he a) did a background check on her and b) thinks that she is only here for his money. Nikki refuses the money and walks away. I guess all she really wanted was to get closer to her biological daddy. Too bad.

2. Dexter goes on a date: Cue the crickets! Dexter takes Cassie out to enjoy one of her favorite pastimes: eating (peanut butter Nutella fries…I feel like Cheesie’s should add that to their menu). When Cassie asked Dexter what he’s passionate about, he couldn’t really say much besides sitting on his boat and going there and back. This date was Northwestern-awkward I tell ya! Good thing Cassie has other options. She brings a new handsome fella to Jaime’s birthday party and they banter over craft beers. I still don’t know her purpose on the show, though.

3. Batista picks that other woman for sergeant over his buddy Quinn: Her name is Miller, right?

4. Deb and Dexter have dinner: Lots of silence between the two sibs. It looks like steak and beer can never be the same anymore.

5. Jake Elway has Deb do sketchy things: Elway asks Deb to help him prove that his sister’s boyfriend is a cheater. There was some sexual tension between Elway and Deb. He compliments Deb on her dress and can’t help but stare at her hands as they move under her dress to attach the wires to her bra and leg. Deb flirts with the boyfriend at a bar. He tries to take her up to his room when Elway storms in and punches him (for cheating on his sister and probably for trying to make moves on Deb).

6. Dexter cuts his victim free take two: Dexter (and Quinn, briefly) stalk Zach Hamilton to prove that he killed Norma Rivera. Zach creeps around taking pictures of crime scenes. He is fascinated with blood and death. He’s just like Dexter! And Vogel sees that too. She wants to experiment with Zach and teach him the code (maybe so there can be a spin-off…I hear Showtime just gave Dexter boss, Scott Buck, a deal that will keep him tied to the network). Despite Vogel’s pleas to help Zach, Dexter continues pursuing him. Dexter finds the incriminating evidence when he discovers pictures of Norma right after she was killed in Zach’s photo studio. He catches Zach and brings him to the kill room. Zach begs Dexter to kill him so he doesn’t have to deal with his monstrous impulses anymore. In a moment of reflection, Dexter sees himself in Zach and wonders if he could be Zach’s “ spiritual father” and be a Harry to him. The answer is yes. Dexter will take on Zach as an “intern” and bring him into his private lab to teach him his brilliant ways. He slices his knife through the plastic and frees Zach, very reminiscent of the time when Dexter cut off the plastic around Hannah McKay, minus the whole sex part. And speaking of Hannah McKay…

7. She’s baaaaaack: Deb and Dexter are chatting about their day when suddenly they get very drowsy – they’ve been drugged – and in walks Hannah McKay!

So that’s it! Hannah is back and hopefully that means this season will start to speed up.

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