Suits: Unfinished Business

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

This week’s episode of Suits, “Unfinished Business,” left a lot to be desired because it felt like most of the characters were in high school, particularly when Mike officially asked Rachel to be his girlfriend on one knee. I wonder when they will be Facebook official. While this episode continued the previous themes of loyalty and betrayal, it dealt with them in an immature way, especially through the return of Katrina Bennett.

In this episode, the Hessington case drags on with a new twist. Cameron Dennis accuses Ava of conspiracy to commit murder because the army of the colonel that she bribed killed six people, who were against her pipeline. Moreover, Ava’s rival is trying to takeover her company, which Harvey asks Louis to take care of, which attracts Katrina from wherever she was off-screen because she wants to work on the case. She tries to weasel her way into the case, being shut down each time by Louis and then Mike. Seeing an in with Louis because of his vulnerability after Mike’s betrayal, Katrina acts like a teenager and makes a gesture through an animated video, mocking Mike’s devotion to Harvey and sending it to the firm. Mike and Rachel begin to plot to get her back, but Harvey asks Mike to let it go and focus on the Hessington case; however, later Harvey lays Katrina out, telling her that she has no future at the firm. Meanwhile, Louis accepts Katrina’s gesture and allows her to help him. Katrina infiltrated this episode and brought an unnecessary sense of immaturity to Pearson Darby. Katrina is a one-note character that constantly fails at really moving up at the firm and a character that I was not at all excited to see return.

Extracting Katrina’s plotlines, the rest of the episode mostly fell into two categories: Harvey’s dedication to Ava’s case and the arrival of Stephen Huntley. After Ava is arrested on murder charges, Mike reassures Harvey that he will do anything to help Harvey win, further solidifying their reunion. Throughout the episode Ava asks Harvey if she thinks he did it, a question that he refuses to answer and he instead tells her that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Mike mistakes this for Harvey’s need to win, rather than the true reason: Harvey needs this win for his deal with Darby, a fact that Mike finally finds out at the end of the episode. However, Harvey draws the line at bribery and refuses to help Ava bribe Dennis’ witnesses, which leads her to firing him. However, Darby’s fixer in London, Stephen Huntley, brings Ava back to Harvey.

Stephen is Darby’s right hand man and has come to New York to assist Harvey in winning Ava’s case and taking over the firm from Jessica. He proves himself to Harvey, telling him that Darby wants to win Ava’s case, so he does too. Apparently the other function of Stephen is to finally give Donna a love interest, a person who can match her sass.

While I enjoyed Stephen and Donna’s repartee and their mutual interest in each other, I did not think that his character infused the episode with enough freshness. Even with his and Katrina’s presence in this episode, all the focus went to Ava’s case, Harvey and Dennis’ fight and Harvey and Mike’s relationship, which has been in the spotlight for the last three episodes. Granted, Ava’s case is more interesting now that she is being charged for murder, but she is like a parrot. She just wants to bribe everyone, which has already gotten old. Also, I am overjoyed that Harvey and Mike are back together but even though “Sundance and Butch are back,” their relationship feels the same as before.

Overall, I think that “Unfinished Business” felt stale and immature. However, I am excited to see more of Stephen Huntley and the new dynamic that he can add to Pearson Darby. Also, I am looking forward to the end of Ava’s case and seeing the result of Harvey’s deal with Darby and his betrayal of Jessica. I am ready for some new and larger actions of betrayal/loyalty that add more and fresh tension to the characters.

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