Dexter: This Little Piggy

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

Photo courtesy of Showtime.

…Or should I call it, “We are Family.” But actually, I would be riding the blackout express if someone made a drinking game out of the amount of times the word “family” was mentioned in this episode.

Although this episode was kind of a snore, I think it was necessary to mend Deb and Dexter’s relationship. At first, Dexter is furious that Deb tried to kill him. I actually liked this scene between Deb, Dexter and Vogel. We got to see a new side to Dexter. He was immensely pissed off, not in the Henley shirt and cargo pants wearing killer who straps you down in plastic kind of way, but in a pastel button-down wearing brother kind of way. He even yelled at Deb. “YOU THINK IT’S EASY BEING YOUR BROTHER?” Vogel defends Deb, explaining that saving him was her first step towards recovery. However, Dexter is too angry with both Vogel and Deb so he leaves, slamming the door behind him.

At the station, Quinn runs his first morning meeting. Batista wants Quinn to get the Sergeant position, but next week’s promo tells us that the less interesting but perfectly competent Detective Miller (where did she come from anyway?) will receive the title. At the meeting, we learn that a maid/lover of the wealthy Mr. Hamilton was found murdered. Apparently, Hamilton is a close benefactor friend of Miami Metro. The detectives need to be very careful during this investigation so they don’t piss of Mr. Big Bucks. When they visit Hamilton’s home, Dexter realizes almost immediately that his son, Zach, probably killed the Ms. Rivera. Turns out, Zach was seen leaving Ms. Rivera’s place at the time of her death. Unfortunately, the eyewitness who put Zach at the crime scene recants his statement later, most likely because he was paid off to do so. From the looks of next week’s promo, Dexter sees himself in Zach and Vogel recommends teaching Zach the Code. Hmm…a Dexter prodigy?

In other family business, we get to see Masuka tell Dexter that he’s just like him, because he’s a dad now. Oh, the irony. Masuka is excited about having a family, especially once Deb reminds him that there is nothing better than family! Nevertheless, he is a little worried that there’s a catch. Is she just using him for his money? She sure seemed excited about the Ferrari that he might own and was happy to order extra cheese on her burrito to-go in addition to her coffee and blueberry muffin when she so happens to leave her purse in the car leaving Masuka to cover the bill. Everything is a bit too obvious so I suspect she’ll be genuine, but Masuka hires Deb to run a background check on Nikki anyway.

Meanwhile, Vogel is sorting through her mail when Yates crashes through her window and abducts her. Deb comes back to Vogel’s house looking for her only to find broken glass. She calls Dexter and begs to help search for Vogel. Dexter asks her why she saved him and she replies, “I couldn’t imagine my life without you.” Awww. They agree to go back to normal, whatever their normal is, and team up to rescue Vogel.

Dexter’s mission is temporarily delayed when Jaime tries to play matchmaker. She sets up a dinner party for herself, Quinn and hot neighbor, Cassie. My favorite quote of the night: “Serial killer bested by 100 lb. nanny.”

Date night ends and Dexter and Deb head off to find Vogel. Yates took Vogel to some abandoned house. Apparently he’s the Brain Surgeon and also has a foot fetish. He tortures his victims by breaking their toes one by one and finishes them off with a single stab to the chest. He also buries them with their left shoe on and keeps the right shoe as a trophy. I agree with Masuka when he says, “I like feet, but this is just cray cray.” When Yates pulls out the pliers to break one of Vogel’s little piggies, Vogel uses her skills as a psychotherapist and distracts him. Yates became this way because his mother horrifically abused him as a child. He targets females because he hates what his mother did to him. He also hates Vogel for trying to fix him with that surgery. He has been psychologically tormenting Vogel by rearranging crime scenes and leaving boxes of brains at her doorstep just to get back at her. As Yates goes in to break her bones, Vogel embodies Yate’s mother, which frightens Yates. She raises her voice and calls him a “little shit.” She also uses the name Allen, the name only his mother used. Then, she slaps him across the face several times. For some reason, a strong and violent serial killer cannot fight back. He runs into the kitchen to wipe the blood off his face. Vogel calls Dexter from Yate’s phone, which allows them to locate her. The Morgans arrive at the house and find Vogel tied up in a closet. Dexter spots Yates hiding under the bed and impales him through the mattress with a curtain rod. Whoa, Dexter could be the next super hero with that mighty strength!

Deb watches Dexter kill Yates like she’s watching Saturday morning cartoons. Just another typical day in the Morgan family. “The family that kills together,” Deb says. To conclude the episode, Dexter takes both Deb and Vogel on the Slice of Life to dump the body. Yep, the family that slays together definitely stays together.

I was extremely excited about the potential of Dexter’s final season, but after watching tonight’s episode, I am questioning whether this really is the final season. The gripping suspense that made every episode seem like a mini-movie in previous seasons has disappeared with all of Dr. Vogel’s psychoanalysis coupled with the CBS style new-murder-each-week formula that the show has taken on. I really hope that we start to see a more cohesive story form. CSI: Miami was cancelled for a reason. And now that the Brain Surgeon case is as dead as Maria LaGuerta (too soon?), there is room for an even bigger bad and hopefully a better final seven episodes.

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