Suits: I Want You to Want Me

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

After the bombshell that was this season’s premiere of Suits, this week’s episode, “I Want You to Want Me,” was a great respite that also moved the season forward from the consequences of last season’s finale. However, it did not stray very far from the previous episode’s themes: loyalty and betrayal in mentor/mentee relationships.

In this episode, Jessica assists Harvey with the Ava Hessington case, whose mentee betrays her, by testifying against her, to survive. As a result, all of Jessica and Harvey’s experience and frustrations with loyalty and betrayal are not so subtly hidden in the advice that they give to Ava and her mentee, Nick. Harvey, thinking about Mike, tells Nick that he shouldn’t betray Ava because he will regret it for the rest of his life, not because Ava won’t forgive him, but because he will never be able to forgive himself. After that advice and this case, like Donna, I didn’t think that Harvey would still want to take Jessica down, even though she told him that she would still have proceeded the way she did with the merger and Mike. Harvey and Jessica are characters that thrive on their confidence in their intelligence and decisions, which Harvey should have recognized, but they still take every move that they don’t agree with personally. This made the episode feel familiar because most of the tension between these characters stems from someone being offended by another’s actions because they all have large egos.

In terms of Mike’s caseload, this episode offered a different pace because he worked with Louis on a case, rather than working for Harvey. Also, it was interesting and refreshing to see Louis trying to rewrite the law because usually the cases are shown to be more about the people in them. Suits has been fleshing Louis’s character out, making him more sympathetic than the tyrant we saw earlier in the series. As a result, his and Mike’s relationship in this episode was perfect because Mike made Louis want to be a better man. They worked perfectly together and when Mike agreed to be Louis’ new associate, or mentee, I was excited for the turn that the series was making. While I love Harvey and Mike’s friendship, I am ready for a new bromance. I think that instead of having Harvey, at the last minute, tell Mike to come back, the writers should have further explored Mike working for Louis for a few more episodes, at least. Also, the last scene with Louis throwing out the “Team Litt” cake, when he sees Mike and Harvey make up, was heartbreaking. Louis was really on point when he said earlier to Donna, “Life is high school.”

Overall, I thought that this week’s episode was a good successor to the twists and turns of last week’s episode, while still bringing in the same themes of loyalty and betrayal. However, I hope that the next episode will not revert back to the standard relationship between Mike and Harvey; I would like to see how Mike’s betrayal adds a little tension between them. Moreover, I am interested to see how Mike responds to Harvey’s plan to take down Jessica, due to his recent betrayal of his mentor. So far this season of Suits is shaping up to be all about loyalty and betrayal in the midst of the merger, which are not new themes, but they are interesting and exciting.

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