Suits: The Arrangement

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

Photo courtesy of USA Network.

After waiting five months, viewers of Suits had a few cliffhangers still on their mind from the second season’s finale, “War,” in February. What is the future of Pearson with the merger? Will Mike and Harvey’s bromance continue after Jessica forced Mike to betray Harvey? Where will Harvey fit in the new Pearson now that Jessica showed that she can control him? And finally, what will happen with Mike and Rachel, the woman he loves, after he revealed to her that he never attended Harvard, which led to file room sex?

Well, Tuesday night’s season premiere, “The Arrangement,” which takes place two days after “War,” delivered on all these cliffhangers and set up a few questions of its own for this season.

The premiere opened with Mike having a dream where Harvey tells him that he is a partner for his work on the merger and that he is forgiven, which turns into a nightmare when Rachel exposes that he is a fraud to the firm’s partners. Clearly, Mike is haunted by his new relationship with Rachel, the woman he loves, his betrayal of Harvey and desire to obtain Harvey’s forgiveness. I liked this dream sequence because it immediately set up the stage Mike’s fears and therefore, goals. Also, it set the stage for the episode’s themes: betrayal and loyalty.

Mike, assured that Rachel will not betray him, jumps through every hoop that she puts him through. He ultimately tells her everything about himself, resulting in their relationship being on more solid ground and taking a honeymoon-like turn in her bedroom. While I saw this union coming, knowing the show, I am sure that their happiness will be temporary, especially with her rejection from Harvard Law School. Moreover, I was happy to see their relationship further as a respite from all the tension at the new Pearson Darby.

The effects of the merger are being felt firm-wide. Edward Darby, while renaming the firm Pearson Darby as a gesture, shows his actual superiority over Jessica by insisting that Harvey be put on the Ava Hessington case, a case he deeply cares about. This power struggle between the two felt familiar because Jessica is constantly trying to fight for her place as a leader of the firm, whether it be with Harvey or previously, Hardman.

Harvey, upset by Mike and Jessica’s betrayal, which resulted in the merger, acts out towards Jessica, leading her to think that he is trying to be fired. This suspicion leads Harvey to actually wanting to be fired, so he makes a deal with Darby that if he wins the Hessington case, he gets fired, without a non-compete. Even though Harvey can be a complete jerk, it is hard not to root for him and hope that he can win this one after being so deeply betrayed by Mike and Jessica. However, Jessica has covered Harvey so many times that it is hard to imagine him having the same success elsewhere.

Meanwhile, having fixed his relationship with Rachel, Mike works desperately to fix his relationship with Harvey, who says that Mike didn’t show him loyalty. Determined, Mike tries to show Harvey that he needs him by obtaining files for the Hessington case that Harvey needed. However, Donna tells Mike that he also betrayed her and that even if Harvey uses the files, which Harvey does, it doesn’t mean that they will forgive Mike. With nothing else to give, Mike returns the office to Jessica, doing everything he can to make amends with Harvey. Mike’s attempts to make Harvey forgive him were so earnest that I found myself already forgiving him and wanting Harvey to do the same.

Harvey, on the other hand, cannot catch a break and his former, and corrupt, boss, Cameron Dennis, who accuses Harvey of not having loyalty, returns as the lead prosecutor on the Hessington case. Upset, Harvey returns to Darby and leverages a new deal: if he wins the case, he is made a managing partner. Harvey wants to take Jessica down, which was a twist that I didn’t see coming, but completely understand. I am excited to see Harvey’s new quest play out in episodes to come.

In a plot line that I did not expect, Louis is also experiencing the repercussions of betrayal. After putting Nigel on his efficiency list last season, Louis’s favorite things start to disappear due to the new quartermaster, who turns out to be Nigel! Determined to get the best of Nigel, Louis takes the quartermaster job, which due to new bylaws means that he cannot have what he loves most – bossing around the associates – which goes to Nigel. After developing such a great friendship, I am so sad that Louis and Nigel will be enemies. However, I do hope that they can eventually put their differences aside and like the other characters see past previous betrayals and forgive the people that matter to them.

“The Arrangement” was a great bridge from the last season and firm to this new season and firm, Pearson Darby. Moreover, I am excited to see how the threads of loyalty and betrayal and their repercussions are further woven into this season.

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